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Optimize your cloud deployment and find money to fund your mission

Finding IT budget to drive new initiatives can be a challenge, especially for public sector organizations. Most public sector organizations use IT funds for foundational initiatives such as disaster recovery, supporting critical applications, or delivering key collaboration tools. As new priorities emerge, organizations might not have the funds to adopt new workloads or advanced technologies that address urgent, new, or emerging needs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cost optimization tools, services, and guidance to help public sector organizations lower cloud costs so they can better serve their stakeholders and achieve their missions.

Here are some of our customers are optimizing their cloud deployments, to do more with less:

Ventures Health New Zealand: Supporting innovations in virtual healthcare

Ventures is a nonprofit organization that designs and delivers smart virtual and in-person clinical care technology so healthcare organizations can quickly innovate. Ventures migrated on-premises storage, databases, and other applications to the cloud, lowering IT costs by 90% so they could invest in helping healthcare providers innovate faster and support virtualized care.

Transport for New South Wales: Leveraging the cloud to ensure Public Transportation Safety

Transport NSW is a federal agency leading and developing safe and efficient public transportation citizens. Transport NSW implemented serverless computing with AWS Lambda, big data analytics, and machine learning to lower operational costs, better connect communities, and improve rider experience with mobile apps that track status of trains, capacity of buses, and more.

ST Unitas: Lowering cloud costs to improve access to education

Education technology company ST Unitas in South Korea has a mission to “remove the gap between the world’s rich and poor through education.” To handle the vast amounts of video content the company produces, ST Unitas performs machine learning on AWS. ST Unitas cut expenses by 60% with Amazon EC2 reserved instances and reinvested these savings into adopting cloud database, data warehouse, and machine learning solutions that could help more students get more from their education offerings.

While moving to the cloud improves agility and gives organizations access to elastic resources, there are some common pitfalls that can create cloud spending waste. To help customers optimize cloud spending, AWS launched the AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Center, which provides the tools and services to help organizations to predict their future state in the cloud and avoid any pitfalls. This includes the eBook “Optimizing AWS Cloud Costs & Lowering Total Cost of Ownership” and webinars that walk through the business value of a cost optimization evaluations, customer examples, and a technical session on how to architect for improved cost savings. Customers can also access the Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART), which provides customers with a detailed and custom assessment of their level of cloud readiness and best practices for remediation.

To learn more about our cost optimization services, tools, best practices, and partners, visit our cost optimization and TCO help center.

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