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Swinburne University launches undergraduate associate degree in cloud technologies

Swinburne University, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced the creation of Australia’s first cloud degree program. The associate degree of applied technologies – cloud technologies will help undergraduates prepare for in-demand careers in cloud computing.

Swinburne created the degree through a collaboration with AWS Educate and AWS Academy, programs that provide students and educators with resources for building skills in cloud technology. AWS Educate worked with Swinburne to align its academic program to entry-level job requirements by embedding cloud computing-specific content into the program. AWS Academy provided a no-cost, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that Swinburne integrated into its degree program, which is available to students now.

The associate degree of applied technologies – cloud technologies is a two-year, full-time program. During the program, students will have access to learning resources that help students develop skills in cloud services programming, app building, data management, and analysis. Students can also choose from a number of AWS Academy courses, developed and maintained by AWS subject matter experts, which can help prepare students for entry-level cloud roles and industry-recognized AWS Certifications.

Deputy vice-chancellor Lisa Line said this type of course delivery is just another way that Swinburne is ensuring all students graduate are work-ready. “We are very excited to offer Australia’s first cloud degree using AWS Educate Cloud Program Verification. The associate degree of applied technologies – cloud technologies is an excellent example of how Swinburne is embedding industry know-how into all its vocational and higher education teaching,” said Ms. Line.

This degree is part of Swinburne University’s suite of Industry 4.0 courses that focus on delivering skills of the future, in practical, real-world workplace learning environments. Swinburne is a leader in Industy 4.0, through advanced digitalisation capabilities including industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence, smart sensors, autonomous systems, and new-generation processes and materials. Swinburne’s suite of Industry 4.0 courses brings together computing, automation, robotics, and machine learning into cyber-physical systems.

AWS collaborates with Swinburne for social good

AWS has been working with Swinburne since 2016, as a participant in the AWS Educate program and as a customer on their data analytics platform. The institution is also a member of AWS Academy. In 2019, Swinburne launched its Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC), powered by AWS. The centre was the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and was another milestone in the long-term collaboration between Swinburne and AWS. It aims to use innovative cloud technologies and intelligent data analytics to solve real-world health, wellbeing, and social challenges affecting Australians. Students participating in the associate degree of applied technologies—cloud technologies will participate in a CIC Challenge as part of the course, as a Capstone unit.

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