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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "ASTERRA helps build a more sustainable Earth by identifying and mitigating ‘lost water’ using AWS"

ASTERRA helps build a more sustainable Earth by identifying and mitigating ‘lost water’ using AWS

ASTERRA, an Israel-based geospatial and Earth observation company, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help water utilities and a number of industries identify and mitigate pipeline leaks. ASTERRA uses AWS to derive intelligence and insights from beneath the surface of their largest installations and to bypass the need to break ground and dig for leaks. Read this post to learn how AWS has helped ASTERRA overcome traditional on-premises infrastructure limitations and to accelerate the development of solutions for anticipating and mitigating failures, saving water, energy, and avoiding carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as a result.

How public sector organizations use AWS to build sustainability solutions

The cloud offers transformative solutions to address sustainability challenges, enabling organizations to increase productivity, efficiency, and cost savings, as well as reduce emissions and waste. The cloud also enables data analytics and research at scale, allowing us to better understand and track key climate metrics required for fighting climate change. From smart devices that track water and energy consumption, to machine learning and artificial intelligence to support sustainable farming, organizations across the globe are using AWS to meet their sustainability goals.

UC Davis CWEE accelerates water conservation research with secure, compliant data storage on AWS

To solve some of the most pressing water and energy challenges, scientists and engineers need access to robust, reliable data that is often sensitive and protected. Data providers, researchers, and host institutions need to adhere to strict requirements for protecting and securing this data. The Center for Water-Energy Efficiency (CWEE) at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) used AWS to create a centralized, secure data repository that streamlines data sharing.

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Addressing environmental challenges with the AWS Cloud

Azavea believes in the power of geospatial technology to improve communities and the planet. Azavea has been exploring the power of this technology to help their clients to answer complex questions in a wide range of domains from urban ecosystems, infrastructure planning, and economic development to water, energy, and climate change. As part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI), we invited Jessica Cahail, product manager at Azavea, to share how her organization is using AWS and open data to develop tools that help users address environmental challenges and deliver knowledge to support decision making.