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5 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

One of our recent posts talked about what bounces are and mentioned that a good hard bounce rate is usually less than 5%. In this post, you’ll learn five strategies that will help you achieve a low bounce rate. Don’t buy or rent mailing lists. The folks who are trying to sell or rent the […]

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The Amazon SES “Address Blacklisted” Error

by Jenn Steele | on | in How-To* | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Today, we wanted to address something that we’re seeing a lot of questions about on our forums – the “Address Blacklisted” Error. Occasionally, as you send via Amazon SES, you will have your message rejected with an “Address Blacklisted” error. The error you have run into is not a type of enforcement on your account […]

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Email Definitions: Bounces

A key concept in email is that of a bounce. A bounce is usually an indication that the message you sent was rejected by the intended recipient’s email infrastructure and may not have reached the recipient. Hard and Soft Bounces A hard bounce indicates a persistent delivery failure (e.g., mailbox does not exist). In other […]

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Getting Started with Amazon SES and .NET

by Rohan Deshpande | on | in How-To* | Permalink | Comments |  Share

This post will help get you started using Amazon SES from .NET applications. Before you start working, make sure you are signed up for Amazon SES as described in the Getting Started Guide. This post assumes you are using Visual Studio for development. Using SMTP The easiest way to send email through Amazon SES is […]

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4 Ways to Improve Email Quality from Social Sharing Sites

If you run a social sharing site (or any site that allows your users to share their content or invite friends), you know that you might run into all sorts of email quality problems. Users put in old or fake email addresses causing your bounce rate to spike, or the friends that your users are […]

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Domain and Email Address Verification in Amazon SES

07/03/17 Update: You can now verify as many as 10,000 identities per AWS account. See this forum announcement for details. As you may have read in Jeff Barr’s blog post on the main AWS Blog, Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) launched domain verification today. We wanted to dig deeper into the whys and whats […]

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So You’ve Hit a Spamtrap?

Have you been told you’re sending to spamtraps? Or do you just want to cover your bases after hearing about them? Either way, please read on! A bit of history Spamtraps were designed by ISPs and email watchdogs as a way to determine when someone is sending to email addresses that have not opted into […]

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Welcome to the Amazon Simple Email Service Blog!

Welcome to our blog; we’re glad to see you! Here on the Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) blog, we’ll be chatting about all sorts of things: Email sending best practices Amazon SES product announcements How to use Amazon SES – including code samples Tips and tricks for all things email …and anything else you’d […]

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