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Fault-isolated, zonal deployments with AWS CodeDeploy

In this blog post you’ll learn how to use a new feature in AWS CodeDeploy to deploy your application one Availability Zone (AZ) at a time to help increase the operational resilience or your services through improved fault isolation. Introducing change to a system can be a time of risk. Even the most advanced CI/CD […]

Five ways Amazon Q simplifies AWS CloudFormation development

Introduction As a builder, AWS CloudFormation provides a reliable way for you to model, provision, and manage AWS and third-party resources by treating infrastructure as code. First-time and experienced users of CloudFormation can often encounter some challenges when it comes to development of templates and stacks. CloudFormation offers a vast library of over 1,250 resource […]

Blue/Green Deployments to Amazon ECS using AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodeDeploy

Introduction Many customers use Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) for running their mission critical container-based applications on AWS. These customers are looking for safe deployment of application and infrastructure changes with minimal downtime, leveraging AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CloudFormation. AWS CloudFormation natively supports performing Blue/Green deployments on ECS using a CodeDeploy Blue/Green hook, but this […]

AWS CloudFormation Linter (cfn-lint) v1

Introduction The CloudFormation Linter, cfn-lint, is a powerful tool designed to enhance the development process of AWS CloudFormation templates. It serves as a static analysis tool that checks CloudFormation templates for potential errors and best practices, ensuring that your infrastructure as code adheres to AWS best practices and standards. With its comprehensive rule set and […]

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Three ways Amazon Q Developer agent for code transformation accelerates Java upgrades

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon Q Developer agent for code transformation as a preview last year to upgrade Java applications, we saw many organizations desire to significantly accelerate their Java upgrades. Previously, these upgrades were considered daunting, a time-consuming manual task requiring weeks if not months of effort and with Amazon Q Developer they […]

Accelerate your Automation for SAP on AWS Operations using Amazon Q Developer

Based on discussions with several SAP on AWS customers, we have discovered that the number of SAP administration or operational task requirements often exceed the capacity of the available team. Due to lack of time, resources, and heavy focus on operations, strategic initiatives like digital transformations often remain unaddressed. Although 1P and 3P automation solutions […]

AWS CodeBuild Managed Self-Hosted GitHub Action Runners

AWS CodeBuild Managed Self-Hosted GitHub Action Runners

AWS CodeBuild now supports managed self-hosted GitHub Action runners, allowing you to build powerful CI/CD capabilities right beside your code and quickly implement a build, test and deploy pipeline. Last year AWS announced that customers can define their GitHub Actions steps within any phase of a CodeBuild buildspec file but with a self-hosted runner, jobs […]

Quickly adopt new AWS features with the Terraform AWS Cloud Control provider

AWS customers using Terraform as their IaC tool can now benefit from faster time-to-market by building cloud infrastructure with the latest AWS innovations that are typically available on the Terraform AWS CC Provider on the day of launch.