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How to grant least privilege access to third-parties on your private EC2 instances with AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager Session Manager provides a more secure way to manage your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances without the need to open inbound ports, maintain bastion hosts, or manage SSH keys. Furthermore, you can use it with a combination of AWS services to give access to external third-parties. Due to business requirements, you […]

Managing Technical Diversity and Migration Capability in Mergers and Acquisitions

In Mergers and Acquisitions, the need to understand and manage technical diversity and migration readiness is paramount to ensure cohesion and continued success for the combined organization. This blog post discusses some of the considerations in this space and highlights existing AWS Mechanisms that can help organizations through this process across three phases: Assess, Mobilize, […]

Automate creation of Amazon CloudWatch alarms and dashboards with AWS Systems Manager and Ansible

Automate creation of Amazon CloudWatch alarms and dashboards with AWS Systems Manager and Ansible

Monitoring Amazon EC2 instances is critical to proactively identify any underlying issues or to troubleshoot the performance of the instances. Amazon CloudWatch provides a reliable, scalable, and flexible monitoring solution. Customers running EC2 instances in a self-managed environment typically use Amazon CloudWatch metrics to monitor the performance of their instances and set up alarms for […]

Achieving operational excellence by integrating AWS Health into Change Process

Achieving operational excellence by integrating AWS Health into change process

Operations teams create and use procedures to respond to operational events and need to ensure their effectiveness to support business needs. Everything continues to change—your business context, business priorities, and customer needs. It’s important to design operations to support changes over time in response to business iteration, and to incorporate lessons learned to minimize failures and […]

How to set up Amazon CloudWatch alarms to monitor IO metrics of AWS EBS volumes performance using metric math

How to set up Amazon CloudWatch alarms to monitor IO metrics of AWS EBS volumes performance using metric math

To prevent application or database performance hiccups from latency of a disk, it is very critical to monitor disk I/O and usage for performance issues. Disk I/O is the amount of read or write or input/output operations that occur during a period, in other words it measures the data transfer speed between a disk and […]

GRC sessions reInforce 2023

A sneak peek at the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) sessions for re:Inforce 2023

A full conference pass is $1,099. Register today with the code secure150off to receive a limited time $150 discount, while supplies last. AWS re:Inforce is just around the corner and this post covers sessions on cloud governance, risk management, and compliance that you should add to your agenda. AWS re:Inforce is a security learning conference […]

Use Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor for greater visibility into online experiences

Today millions of internet users access applications hosted globally across 167,000 cities served by over 74,000 autonomous systems (ASNs). Tracking constantly changing network routes can be a daunting task for Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), application developers, network operators, systems engineers, and cloud solutions architects. With Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor, teams can quickly identify the network […]

Building CIS hardened Golden Images and Pipelines with EC2 Image Builder

Until recently, customers had to navigate to the AWS Marketplace Console and search for a compatible Amazon Machine Image (AMI) product for your image pipeline. They also had to write their own custom components to harden the operating systems to meet Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark guidelines. This required subscriptions to the CIS Benchmark […]

Visualize and gain insights into your VPC Flow logs with Amazon Managed Grafana

Modern IT infrastructure in Cloud is becoming increasingly distributed and data intensive. With the growing number of devices, applications, and users consuming the services, the amount of data being transmitted across networks is increasing rapidly. This increase in data warrants organizations to have visibility in the network traffic. Analysis of network traffic can help in […]

AWS Application Migration Service best practices

Introduction Large-scale cloud migrations present challenges such as multiple tasks, scaling complexities, manual processes, numerous tools, and stakeholders involvement that could be difficult to integrate at times. AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) is designed to overcome these challenges for large and complex migrations that require re-hosting (also referred to as “lift and shift” migration). […]