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Organizations across the globe face considerable pressure to innovate digitally to remain competitive. One of the key areas that many organizations have identified as a source of opportunity to improve their pace of innovation is their software development and operations, or DevOps. Although DevOps technology has evolved dramatically over the last few years, it is still challenging. Issues related to concurrency, security or handling of sensitive information require expert evaluation and often slip through existing mechanisms like peer code reviews and unit testing. AI for DevOps is the shift towards more automation and more proactive mechanisms that enable teams to innovate faster with confidence. Designed to augment developer’s expertise with ML capabilities, AI for DevOps is a journey from manual processes with infrequent deployments and slow innovation cycles to rapid iteration cycles with CI/CD, and automated alarming for monitoring production.

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Automatically detect and resolve operational issues

Reduce your Mean-time- to- recovery (MTTR) and improve operational performance and availability for your applications by leveraging ML-powered insights to quickly diagnose and remediate issues.


Improve code quality with continuous monitoring

Identify hard-to-find bugs, critical issues and security vulnerabilities with high accuracy, and create a baseline for successive code reviews. Leverage ml-powered recommendations to fix issues and dramatically reduce the time it takes to fix bugs before they reach customer-facing applications.


Optimize application performance and reduce cost

The more efficient your code and application is, the less costly it is to run. Developers and IT operators can use visualizations and ML-powered recommendations to fix performance issues (logging, CPU or memory issues), and reduce operational costs by up to 50% for any application running in production.


Security at scale

Empower your developers to gain confidence that the code they’re writing is secure and meets security best practices. Build automated code reviews as part of your CI/CD pipelines to find and fix code issues and security vulnerabilities at scale.

Customer stories



"Amazon CodeGuru has helped expedite our software development lifecycle by streamlining the code review process. As the primary code reviewer on the team, I can now focus more on the functionality and feature implementation of the code as opposed to searching for security vulnerabilities and best practices that may not have been followed."

Bob Lee III, Co-founder & CTO Head of Technology - ConnectCareHero

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"At Atlassian, many of our services have hundreds of check-ins per deployment. While code reviews from our development team do a great job of preventing bugs from reaching production, it’s not always possible to predict how systems will behave under stress or manage complex data shapes, especially as we have multiple deployments per day. When we detect anomalies in production, we have been able to reduce the investigation time from days to hours and sometimes minutes thanks to Amazon CodeGuru’s continuous profiling feature. Our developers now focus more of their energy on delivering differentiated capabilities and less time investigating problems in our production environment."

Zak Islam, Head of Engineering, Tech Teams - Atlassian

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“We have over a dozen AWS accounts and tens of thousands of resources to monitor. Even with Infrastructure as Code and creating dynamic alerts  for these services, it is difficult to manage and correlate metrics to quickly resolve issues. With Amazon DevOps Guru, we are confident that the alerts and notifications we receive  are accurate from the machine learning powered metrics correlated across multiple services. Integrating Amazon DevOps Guru only took minutes to implement,  and it was a breeze to integrate with our thousands of AWS CloudFormation stacks. Amazon DevOps Guru has provided insights that  help us focus our infrastructure roadmap.”

Jared Williams, Director of DevOps -

“We have about 300+ microservices right now that are being reviewed and managed by CodeGuru Reviewer. Amazon CodeGuru Profiler analyzes the application runtime performance and using machine learning, provides recommendations on ways that could speed up the application. So, we don't have to try to have our developers figuring out what is the best way to configure from a performance perspective.”

Rich Benner, CIO - Wheel Pros

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Use cases

Resolve incidents faster with an AIOps solution

Reduce the time to identify and remediate issues with Amazon DevOps Guru. The service leverages pre-trained machine learning models to correlate and group related anomalies to automate root cause analysis so that issues can be resolved quickly.

Shift code quality left

It can cost more to fix a bug, depending on how far in the software lifecycle development the bug is identified, than during the initial design phase. With Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, you can Shift left code analysis, and enable your developers to build higher code quality and security earlier in the software lifecycle.

Locate sources of inefficient application performance

Identify where you’re spending the most cycles or time in the application. Amazon CodeGuru Profiler continuously analyzes application CPU utilization and latency characteristics and presents the analysis in an interactive flame graph that helps you visually understand which code paths consume the most resources, and uncover areas that can be optimized further.

Proactive resource management

Identify when your exhaustible resources such as memory, CPU, and disk space will exceed the provisioned capacity. Amazon DevOps Guru continuously ingests and analyzes your resources and applications that run on AWS, and helps you avoid an impending outage by creating a low noise notification in the dashboard.

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With machine learning models informed by two decades of and AWS operational excellence, AWS AI services can provide useful insights before problems arise, helps teams be proactive, enforces best practices by default, and ultimately help you innovate faster.

Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that provides intelligent recommendations to improve code quality and identify an application’s most expensive lines of code. Integrate CodeGuru into your existing software development workflow to automate code reviews during application development, continuously monitor application performance in production, provide recommendations and visual clues for improving code quality and application performance, and reduce overall cost.

Amazon DevOps Guru

Amazon DevOps Guru is an ML-powered service that makes it easy to improve an application’s operational performance and availability. DevOps Guru detects behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns so you can identify operational issues long before they impact your customers.



Improve the quality of your Python code using CodeGuru Reviewer


Enable Amazon DevOps Guru for AWS CloudFormation Stacks


Save Cost and Improve Lambda Application Performance with Proactive Insights from Amazon DevOps Guru


Detecting security issues in logging with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer