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New AWS Co-Branding Guide Provides Best Practices for Joint Marketing with AWS

AWS Co-Branding Guide-1Exclusively for members of the AWS Partner Network (APN), we have created the inaugural version of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Co-Branding Guide.

This guide provides best practices for effectively communicating your brand alongside AWS in approved joint marketing campaigns.

Co-branding with AWS helps to:

  • Educate customers on solutions or services that solve business problems.
  • Create new business opportunities for you and AWS.
  • Highlight the value of collaboration with AWS.

These guidelines detail how AWS brand marks should be used in co-branded assets, such as web banners and social media posts, as well as the different ways APN Partners can co-brand with AWS, all while maintaining your own brand voice.

This guide is a must-read for APN Partners interested in growing their relationship with AWS customers.

Check out the new AWS Co-Branding Guide >> (login required)

Who Can Use the Guide?

The AWS Co-Branding Guide is for Select tier and above APN Partners, and AWS Marketplace Sellers.

Please note the AWS Co-Branding Guide applies only to approved co-branded activities and should not be used for an APN Partner’s general marketing that references AWS.

The APN Messaging and Branding Guide, formerly known as the APN Marketing Toolkit, should be used in that scenario. However, many of the messaging guidelines detailed in the APN Messaging and Branding Guide also apply in co-branding.

By leveraging best practices and guidelines for joint marketing with AWS, APN Partners can showcase their expertise and successfully promote their AWS solutions to customers alongside the AWS brand.

AWS Co-Branding Guide

What’s in the Guide?

In the AWS Co-Branding Guide, you will find:

  • Key principles of co-branding with AWS
  • Descriptions of the different ways to co-brand with AWS
  • Details about how to qualify for an AWS Logo Lockup
  • Design and usage guidelines for:
    • AWS Logo
    • AWS Logo Lockup
  • Co-branding do’s and don’ts
  • A co-branding checklist
  • Additional resources

Want to Learn More?

Talk to your APN representative if you have any questions about the new APN Co-Branding Guide or APN Messaging and Branding Guide.