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AWS Partner Network (APN) Launches Showcase of its Best-in-Class Retail Partners

By Renata Melnyk, Sr. Partner Program Manager at AWS
By Jennifer Beckett, APN Retail Segment Lead at AWS

AWS-Retail-Competency-thumbnailAmazon Web Services (AWS) has thousands of retailer customers that are continuously searching for trusted technology and consulting solution providers to accelerate their transformation, modernization, and customer engagement roadmaps.

Finding the most qualified and experienced partners can be time-consuming for retailers, and may not always lead to the best partners for their cloud adoption journey.

To assist retailers with this search, the AWS Partner Network (APN) launched the AWS Retail Competency. This designation helps retailers find top APN Partners with highly specialized solutions and consulting practices that offer retail technology and services that are powered and vetted by AWS.

The AWS Retail Competency takes on the heavy lifting of identifying and validating industry leaders with proven customer success and technical proficiency in services such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), voice, Internet of Things (IoT), visual recognition, robotics, and more.

AWS Retail Competency Technology Partners offer innovative solutions across all areas in the enterprise, such as marketing, store operations, supply chain, merchandising, finance, IT, and more.

AWS Retail Competency Consulting Partners offer strategy and deployment services to retailers, to help accelerate their digital transformation.

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Introducing the AWS Retail Competency

AWS Competency Partners are uniquely positioned to help retailers achieve key objectives, because of their expertise not only in retail, but also with AWS microservices.

If you’re on a journey to transform your business while driving new value to end customers, AWS Competency Partners have the expertise and comprehensive capability to help retailers succeed.

The AWS Competency Program is built to go beyond the meaning of the word “competent.” It’s one of the toughest designations an APN Partner can achieve and maintain, giving retailers confidence in choosing top APN Partners to team up with.

Explore AWS Retail Competency Partners

The APN Partners showcased below have demonstrated success and technical proficiency in offering end-to-end solutions and consulting services in the designated categories. Please visit the AWS Retail Competency website to see the continuously updated roster of APN Partners.

Customer Engagement

These Competency Partners offer solutions that enable retail marketing leaders to proactively attract and retain customers. Areas of expertise include Loyalty, Social Channel Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Call Center, Advertising (Digital and Direct Mail), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Audience Engagement solutions that enable Retail Marketing leaders to proactively attract and retain customers.

Corporate Merchandising and Planning

These Competency Partners support Merchandising, Replenishment, Assortment Planning, Planogram and Space Planning, Promotion and Pricing Optimization, Category Management, and Vendor Collaboration solutions leveraged by Corporate Merchandising and Planning teams.

Supply Chain and Distribution

These Competency Partners offer Supply Chain and Distribution solutions covering Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Automation, import and export, and logistics utilized by Supply Chain leaders and teams.

Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store

These Competency Partners offer solutions solutions that transform the online or offline shopping experiences covering Point of Sale (POS), Order Management Systems (OMS), Unified Commerce, eCommerce, Last Mile Delivery, Boundless (Frictionless) Store Experience, Digital Innovations in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Internet of Things (IoT), Beacons, Voice, Recognition, Digital Kiosk, Smart Mirrors, Interactive Displays, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Payments, Content Management Systems (CMS), and Visual Search.

Advanced Retail Data Science

These Competency Partners support Retail Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Analytics solutions that improve operational efficiency and customer insights and engagement.

Core Retail Business Applications

These Competency Partners offer Core Retail Enterprise solutions for Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Employee Management, Security Event and Information Management (SIEM), Legal, and IT.

Consulting Services

These APN Consulting Partners offer strategy and deployment services to retail organizations to help accelerate their digital transformation.

How to Join the AWS Retail Competency Program

The AWS Competency Program recognizes APN Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas, industry verticals, or workloads on AWS.

APN Partners with experience in retail can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner.

The AWS Retail Competency Partner Validation Checklist is for APN Partners applying for the AWS Retail Competency. The checklist provides the criteria necessary to achieve the AWS Competency designation.

Find the AWS Retail Competency Validation Checklist in your language: