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Revolutionizing the Aftermarket: Building Data Products and Unlocking Insights with AWS Analytics

Designing an ecommerce data analytics service poses challenges like data integration, quality, scalability, real-time processing, security/privacy, and visualization. Thoughtworks leverages AWS services to build data products that acquire, clean, transform, model, and visualize ecommerce data for analytics. Its systematic approach identifies sources, acquires data, cleans/stores it, models products, deploys with CI/CD, and visualizes insights in dashboards.

Identity-as-a-Service Using Amazon Managed Blockchain for Invisible and Embedded Banking

The evolution of embedded and invisible banking has led to complex integrations between financial organizations and third-party platforms. To simplify identity management across business partners, organizations are investigating identity-as-a-service solutions using blockchain. Capgemini can help implement embedded and invisible banking by leveraging Amazon Managed Blockchain to manage decentralized identities. This provides a single immutable identity for users that scales across sub-units and partners.


How JBS Dev Leveraged AWS Lambda to Modernize a National Pet Retailer’s Mobile App Backend

JBS Dev modernized a national pet retailer’s legacy backend system to support its new mobile app. By leveraging AWS Lambda and other services, JBS Dev built a scalable, resilient serverless architecture which enabled faster innovation and integrated seamlessly with the retailer’s systems. The solution improved performance and reliability, delivering an exceptional customer experience. JBS Dev showcased the power of AWS Lambda and serverless to transform legacy systems and drive business growth.


Cognizant Customer Concierge Solution Connects Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology to Any Retail System

Retailers are adopting new technologies like Amazon’s Just Walk Out to provide a frictionless shopping experience. Cognizant’s Customer Concierge Solution integrates Just Walk Out with existing POS systems, allowing grab-and-go shopping. This packaged, API-based solution on AWS enables quick rollout, cost optimization, scalability, and security. It gives retailers the flexibility to repurpose labor while lowering costs and time to deploy advanced shopping technology.


Revolutionizing Retail with Vinculum’s Multi-Tenant Microservices SaaS Architecture on AWS

Today’s retail customers are tech-savvy and seek convenience and flexibility from the ecommerce ecosystem. Vinculum, a global software provider, plays a vital role in empowering retail customers with its powerful SaaS products that are available for the entire retail value chain. Vinculum’s Vin eRetail solution offers the capability to syndicate product information and digital assets across various webstores, marketplaces, and other sales channels.


Knowlarity’s Cloud Communications Platform Provides Customer Conversation Analytics Built on AWS

Knowlarity’s Cloud Call Center is a SaaS solution on AWS that enhances customer experience by enabling real-time conversations and personalized interactions. It reduces communication costs, increases efficiency and productivity, and provides analytics and real-time performance insights. Knowlarity provides this functionality to leading brands globally across different verticals and processes 10 billion messages every month.


Bringing Immersive Customer Experiences to the Metaverse Using HCLTech Metafinity and AWS

HCLTech views the metaverse as an addition to existing mobile channels poised to disrupt the market. Replacing workstations with head-mounted devices will catalyze the evolution of two-dimensional applications to three-dimensional interactives. Learn about HCLTech’s flagship offering–Metafinity–its foray into the metaverse for industrialized solutions and its capabilities. Metafinity creates custom 3D avatars and integrates with HCLTech’s OBOL Tokenization framework among others.


Ganit Transforms Fast Fashion Apparel Retail with Intelligent Demand Forecasting on AWS

Gauging market demand for the apparel retail industry is challenging. The success of SKUs sold depends on customer preference (fitting, feel, regional acceptance) and latest trends, which can change frequently. Learn how Ganit has successfully deployed inventory management systems using intelligent demand forecasting at the core of its solutions. This system has helped many clients optimize their inventory, leading to efficient working capital deployment and improvement in topline and bottom-line numbers.

Creating Immersive Virtual Showroom Experiences for Luxury Cars with MHP’s Elastic Content Platform

To close the gap for customers between customizing a respective luxury car model and really seeing it in action, MHP created a platform solution on AWS called the MHP Elastic Content Platform (MHP ECP). It’s a modular solution able to emulate a virtually delivered automotive showroom experience for prospective buyers. Explore the challenges that come with creating a virtual immersive showroom experience, and how MHP ECP achieves this feat by relying on the AWS Cloud as technology platform of choice.


How to Use Adobe Commerce and Shero to Enhance Your Ecommerce Presence

If you or your company is struggling to set up your ecommerce solution, or if your current ecommerce site is not resonating with customers like you would hope, you are not alone. Learn about the Adobe Commerce open source solution, how it can be deployed using a Quick Start that was developed by Shero Commerce, and how Shero can help with your Adobe Commerce system to enhance your customer’s digital shopping experience.