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Enhancing Workload Security on AWS with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

As organizations move to the cloud, securing workloads, applications, and data becomes critical. This post discusses using Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to provide comprehensive cloud security. Key security capabilities highlighted include SSL inspection, data loss prevention, and URL filtering policies tailored for cloud workloads. The post provides guidance on design considerations and implementing baseline security policies within the Zscaler platform.


Building End-to-End Visibility with NETSCOUT APM Using Traffic Mirroring and Gateway Load Balancer

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE platform offers insights into service delivery and user experience to manage availability and quality, reducing time to resolve performance issues by correlating metadata across network, applications, and devices. This post discusses implementing holistic visibility using NETSCOUT APM with VPC traffic mirroring and AWS Gateway Load Balancer. NETSCOUT delivers consistent, high-resolution visibility to identify and manage threats and performance in cloud environments.


Trellix vIPS and AWS Gateway Load Balancer Integrate for a Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, advanced cybersecurity solutions are essential to prevent sophisticated attacks. Trellix’s virtual intrusion prevention system (vIPS) integrates with AWS Gateway Load Balancer to provide real-time threat detection and prevention. Utilizing techniques like behavioral analysis and signatureless detection, Trellix vIPS helps secure VPCs against evolving threats. As an AWS Specialization Partner, Trellix enables resilience against cyberattacks for customers’ cloud environments.

Centralized Traffic Inspection with Gateway Load Balancer on AWS

SoftwareOne has a proven record of successful implementations of centralized inspection with AWS Transit Gateway and site-to-site VPN attachments for our customers. Vendor-provided firewalls remain an option, and the focus of this post is their integration with Gateway Load Balancer. Explore the decisions SoftwareOne took while migrating from centralized north-south inspection with Transit Gateway VPN attachments to centralized inspection with GWLB in front of the Palo Alto VM-Series Firewalls.