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E-Signature Solution signNow Empowers AWS Customers to Send and Sign Documents Anytime, Anywhere

By Jordon Hoffnagle, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at signNow


Organizations of all sizes must figure out how to keep their employees and customers connected while keeping business moving forward—more so when face-to-face contact is likely not an option.

Businesses around the world find themselves embracing this new normal of remote work, and they are searching for the right software to drive their employee and business success.

To accommodate what may have just been the world’s newest industrial revolution, paper-based processes could become a thing of the past. Fortunately, software solutions are working to empower remote teams in these ever-changing times.

For those document workflows we experience daily—onboarding paperwork, company policy updates, sales contracts, procurement forms, loan applications, payment collection, vendor agreements, enrollment verification—e-signature is the solution to drive collaboration, boost productivity, and keep businesses moving forward while going paperless.

In this post, I will cover why e-signature is important today and how signNow works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automate document workflows and reduce paperwork.

Why signNow?

Did you know that e-signature is the #2 work-from-home software in demand globally? According to TrustRadius, the pandemic has shifted software purchasing behavior and forced businesses to commit to digital transformation.

E-signature is at the foundation of digital transformation, and signNow is an e-signature solution from AWS Partner airSlate. It’s the only web-based e-signature solution that runs on AWS, and it’s available on AWS Marketplace.

signNow empowers teams by simplifying the signing and management of documents online with legally-binding e-signatures. More importantly, it helps solve for a multitude of pains:

  • Excessive spending on paper and labor resources: signNow reduces paper consumption by digitizing the entire document process, which saves companies both time and money. With signNow, you can quickly send a document or group of documents for signature with a customized invite. All signed documents will be saved in your signNow account where you can access them anywhere and anytime.
  • Time spent on repetitive tasks: signNow delivers the ability to create reusable templates, so users can eliminate the need to download, print, scan, fax, and manually track the same documents over and over. Simply upload a document, save it as a template and reuse it to as many times as needed.
  • Errors when filling out forms: signNow offers automated signing guidance to signers, as well as field validation. This ensures all required fields must be completed and in the appropriate format (birth date, phone number, SSN). To start, open any document in signNow and drag-and-drop your desired data fields, such as signature, date, text, initials, and calculated fields.
  • Lack of consistent signing experience: signNow can be accessed from the web login, Android or iOS applications, or via Kiosk mode on a tablet device. signNow’s desktop solution is instantly synced with the mobile app, ensuring a consistent signing experience for all signers, whether in-person, on the go, or offline.
  • Slow signature cycles when multiple signers are required on one form: With signNow, set signing roles and a signing order to ensure documents are correctly routed and signed by the right people. By automating the signing order, you can complete signature cycles faster regardless of how many signing parties there are.

With much of the world working remotely right now, e-signature empowers organizations of all sizes to stay on top of their signing workflows with its ability to digitally send and sign any document for legally-binding electronic signatures.

How it Works

signNow is a fully software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution built on AWS. This means user accounts are automatically provisioned and they can instantly start using the application without setting up infrastructure, solution deployment, or other additional configurations.

When purchased via AWS Marketplace, signNow enables users to benefit from consolidated billing and subscription management in the AWS Management Console.

signNow uses multiple AWS services to provide reliable and secure electronic signature services for thousands of customers:

  • Amazon ECS: signNow uses Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) to run application containers for microservices. ECS Capacity Provider enables container cluster auto scaling, which helps to efficiently manage cluster resources and provide the required capacity.
  • Amazon RDS: With Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), signNow achieves high availability through replication, automated backups, and multi-Availability Zone setup.
  • AWS security: AWS’s flexible and secure cloud computing environment empowers signNow to deliver core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with comprehensive security tools and best practices.


Figure 1 – signNow architecture.

Leveraging AWS, signNow has been able to improve cloud resource management, optimize cost efficiency, and achieve faster time to market for its solution.

Customer Success

signNow is for any organization who wants to be more productive by speeding up their signature cycles and going paperless. It goes beyond e-signature to help automate all document workflows and reduce paperwork.

signNow is for individuals, teams, and organizations, serving customers in more than 100 different industries for their digital document needs:

  • Education: Enrollment forms and transcript request forms.
  • Financial services: Tax forms and invoices.
  • Government: Records requests and applications for permits and licenses.
  • Human resources: Employee onboarding and offboarding packets.
  • Legal: NDAs, notices, and policy management documents.
  • Nonprofit: Volunteer applications and liability waivers and expense reporting.
  • Real estate: Listing agreements and disclosures.

KCF Technologies

KCF Technologies is a technology company on a mission to transform American industry and manufacturing through innovative problem solving. They are an AWS customer and were looking for a SaaS application available via AWS Marketplace.

After vetting a few e-signature options, KCF Technologies chose signNow for:

  • High utilization (send allowances), especially compared to competitors.
  • Affordable pricing (25 percent lower than competitors).
  • Integration capabilities (single sign-on).
  • AWS Marketplace presence.
  • Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment retirement.

For KCF, signNow being on AWS Marketplace made it easy for quick approval to purchase, as there was no need to set up a relationship with a new vendor or negotiate terms.

From the first signNow demo to provisioning, the procurement process for KCF was one week, with smooth and efficient implementation. signNow’s documentation was easy to follow and outlined exactly what was needed to meet their single-sign on implementation needs.


With more and more organizations working remote, it’s important to find the right solutions to keep business moving forward while serving customers in this new normal.

E-signature is currently the #2 work from home solution, according to TrustRadius, and signNow automates even the most complex document processes. It’s for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

You can start a free 30-day signNow trial today on AWS Marketplace. When signNow is purchased via AWS Marketplace, 50 percent counts towards the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment of AWS customers.

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