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How OmniDeq Modularizes Amazon EKS Infrastructure Provisioning and Application Modernization on AWS

By Sameer Karmarkar, CTO and Co-Founder –
By Shilpa Andam, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS

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Amazon EKS Blueprints is a collection of infrastructure as code (IaC) modules that help you configure and deploy consistent batteries, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters across accounts and regions.

You can use EKS Blueprints to easily bootstrap an Amazon EKS cluster with EKS add-ons as well as a wide range of popular commercial and open-source add-ons. EKS Blueprints also help you to implement relevant security controls needed to operate workloads from multiple teams in the same cluster.

CloudHedge is an AWS Migration and Modernization Competency Partner that specializes in continuous modernization of enterprise application workloads through its patented and automated containerization platform, OmniDeq.

OmniDeq is an end-to-end, continuous application modernization platform powered by R6Ai that enables enterprises to experience an accelerated and seamless application modernization journey. It’s a technology and sector-agnostic platform providing intelligent and customizable automated workflows for modernizing legacy application workloads.

OmniDeq accelerates modernization of complex applications at scale with to AWS container services. With the OmniDeq EKS Blueprint integration, this acceleration is extended to Amazon EKS and EKS Anywhere deployments as well.

In this post, we will explore a modular approach crafted by CloudHedge and Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to help organizations be consistent in deployment of their EKS clusters and accelerate application workloads on those clusters.

We’ll describe how OmniDeq provides a better customer experience with the ability to provision and maintain EKS clusters across multiple environments using EKS Blueprints. Finally, we’ll cover how OmniDeq extends the approach to cover consistent workload deployments with OmniDeq Application Blueprints.

Joint Solution Overview

OmniDeq’s EKS Blueprints integration combines an integrated experience of cluster provisioning and maintenance and consistency across application workloads in various environments.

All the benefits of the modular extensibility offered by EKS Blueprints can be leveraged through the OmniDeq platform. Moreover, OmniDeq can be used to modernize customers’ on-premises workloads and deploy modernized (containerized) workloads using OmniDeq’s Application Blueprint on EKS clusters.

Without this integration, infrastructure teams would have to invest significant time to create clusters in a consistent manner.

Post this integration, infrastructure teams can establish standard configuration for the configuration of EKS clusters, such as the control plane, worker nodes, and Kubernetes add-ons, as an EKS blueprint standardized for their organization, organization unit (OU), or team. That way, infrastructure teams enable application teams to progress with agility, standardization, and consistency.

The standards-compliant EKS Blueprints facilitate provisioning of EKS clusters and maintain consistency across different environments such as dev, test, staging, and production environments.

On top of that, operating in an increasingly global world, customers diversify their logical environments geographically. This means each environment can be replicated across multiple regions, thus increasing the maintenance footprint and highlighting the need for consistency and governance.

One of the key components of the OmniDeq solution is GitOps, which allows customers to use a single repository that represents the source of truth (design/blueprint) across many clusters with proper provisioning and reconciliation.

Below is a typical flow that combines application workloads and EKS cluster provisioning.


Figure 1 – OmniDeq automation workflows for application modernization.

Along with each cluster provisioned with the EKS Blueprints, OmniDeq will install an Argo CD extension connected to the customer repository of choice. This bootstrapping enables capabilities such as configuration drift management and promotions.

Configuration Drift Management

OmniDeq Application Blueprint allows the application configuration drift management using Application Blueprints.

OmniDeq accelerates application modernization to EKS clusters using automated containerization and OmniDeq Application Blueprint creation. The blueprint can be pushed to a Git repository monitored by Argo CD so the deployment of application happens from the single source of application workload definition. This is logical extension of EKS Blueprints, which is designed to manage cluster configuration drift.

Promotion of Application Environments

OmniDeq has a defined workflow of promoting application workloads from a given environment to a higher environment, such as dev to test, or test to stage, and stage to prod.

In addition, CloudHedge offers similar functionality to replicate EKS clusters with the exact same configuration using EKS Blueprints integration. OmniDeq allows this functionality to be integrated with all popular DevSecOps tools like Jenkins and AWS CodePipeline.


Figure 2 – OmniDeq guided EKS cluster and application promotion workflow.

The promotion workflow has multiple different applications for enterprise and SMB customers alike. This brings consistency of application workloads deployments across environments and extends benefits offered by EKS blueprints to Amazon EKS clusters.

Customer Success Story

CloudHedge is part of the supporting digital transformation ecosystem for Qlorem, which provides a next-generation data-driven project portfolio and solution management platform that is supported by instant insights, adaptive risk management, and improvement suggestions.

CloudHedge accelerated the provisioning and management of the Qlorem platform on AWS by using OmniDeq’s EKS Blueprint integration, resulting in faster customer onboarding experience.

“OmniDeq provides us ability to manage EKS clusters using IaC without any custom coding,” said Christoph Reuter, Chief Operating Officer at Qlorem. “The ability to deploy our product versions in different customer tenants and environments has resulted in 70% operational cost savings without compromising on agility.”

For more information, refer to the detailed case study.


In this post, we articulated how Amazon EKS Blueprints can be augmented by integrating with the OmniDeq continuous modernization platform. Bootstrapping of EKS clusters and their state management is well integrated into OmniDeq to provision standardized cluster.

OmniDeq introduces Application Blueprints as a natural extension to the EKS Blueprints. The integrated solution delivers consistency in cluster design and provisioning, as well as the workloads that are modernized and deployed on different environments of EKS clusters.

You can experience the OmniDeq and EKS Blueprints integration for cluster management and consistency across application workloads from AWS Marketplace.

For additional information or guidance, contact CloudHedge or visit the CloudHedge website.


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CloudHedge is an AWS Competency Partner that specializes in continuous modernization of enterprise application workloads through its patented and automated containerization platform, OmniDeq.

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