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Optimize Your Partner Account Management with New AWS Partner Central Permissions

By Jessica Rudy, Sr. Product Manager, APN Delivery
By Raj Kandaswamy, Sr. Product Manager, Technical

AWS Partner Network

We are excited to introduce two new permissions features for AWS Partner Central: the Alliance Team and ACE Manager roles.

These roles provide AWS Partners the ability to grant multiple team members access to the data and features they need to help manage their AWS Partner Network (APN) account.

Roles Overview

Alliance Team

An Alliance Team user has almost all of the same capabilities as an AWS Partner’s Alliance Lead, including viewing the Partner Scorecard, submitting program applications, and accessing the full APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Pipeline. This role is ideal for users who share administrative responsibility with the Alliance Lead.

ACE Manager

The ACE Manager role gives users the ability to view and edit all Opportunities and Leads in the ACE Pipeline Manager. Additionally, ACE Managers (along with Alliance Team users) will receive automated email notifications when AWS shares an Opportunity or Lead, or when a partner-submitted Opportunity requires more information.

Benefits to Partners

With these permissions features, multiple users from an AWS Partner organization can access the data and features they need in AWS Partner Central without relying on the Alliance Lead.

AWS Partners can now broadly distribute workloads that were previously limited to the Alliance Lead, and empower distributed teams to manage processes independently.

Next Steps

Partners are encouraged to review the resources in AWS Partner Central to learn more about the roles and how to assign them to users.

Here are a few links to get you started: