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Using AWS PrivateLink Integrations to Access SaaS Solutions from APN Partners

By Mike Deck, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

PrivateLinkHistorically, it’s been challenging to integrate software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions without opening your corporate networks to the public internet.

With AWS PrivateLink, you can create an endpoint within your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) that provides access to SaaS applications over a secure, private connection that eliminates the exposure of private data to the public internet.

Once these endpoints are in place, you can consume these services from other resource deployed in your VPC, or from on-premises resources over VPN or AWS Direct Connect.

There are AWS PrivateLink-enabled SaaS offerings from AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners for everything from managed databases to analytics tools and fraud detection APIs. By integrating with AWS PrivateLink, these offerings make it easy to consume fully-managed services while still maintaining a private network configuration that used to require you to host applications yourself.

To help you find SaaS products like these, we are excited to feature solutions from APN SaaS Partners who fully support AWS PrivateLink access to their applications. Products from these top APN Partners have been reviewed and validated by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, follow best practices for integration with AWS PrivateLink, and offer generally available support for the service.

Learn more about the solutions APN Partners offer over AWS PrivateLink endpoints, and be sure to visit the AWS PrivateLink Partners page to dive into product details.

Featured Products from AWS PrivateLink Partners

B-PIPE from Bloomberg

B-PIPE from Bloomberg is a real-time data feed providing programmatic access to Bloomberg’s complete catalog of content (all the same asset classes as the Bloomberg Terminal). Network connectivity with B-PIPE leverages AWS PrivateLink and exposes the services to a set of local IP addresses within the customer’s subnet, thus eliminating DNS issues.

B-PIPE services are presented via network load balancers to further simplify the architecture. Customers do not have to install any Bloomberg equipment or circuits to connect. They can thereby expect to save thousands of dollars a month on connectivity costs and reduce installation time from months to minutes.

Bloomberg is an APN Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS Financial Services Competency.

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Dynatrace with AWS PrivateLink from Dynatrace

Dynatrace is among the first APN Partners to support AWS PrivateLink, the newest generation of VPC endpoints that lets you connect applications directly to Amazon VPC so traffic never leaves the AWS network.

With AWS PrivateLink enabled, Dynatrace becomes an extension of your private cloud. AWS PrivateLink creates an additional layer of security and provides better connectivity, which is particularly important in large hybrid cloud environments.

Customers can leverage this capability by connecting their monitored hosts to the Dynatrace VPC endpoint. This ensures that OneAgent traffic never leaves the AWS Cloud. While traffic between OneAgent and Dynatrace Server is encrypted, PrivateLink provides additional security, better connectivity, and reduced traffic costs.

Dynatrace is an APN Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Competencies in DevOps, Migration, and Containers.

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Heroku Postgres from Salesforce

Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink enables customers to seamlessly and securely connect Heroku Postgres databases in a Private Space to resources in one or more Amazon VPCs. These connections are secure and stable by default because traffic to and from Heroku Postgres stays on the AWS private network. Once an AWS PrivateLink is set up, there’s no brittle networking configuration to manage.

Heroku Postgres sits at the heart of most apps deployed on Heroku because it is deeply integrated with three key developer workflows.

  • The app-plus-Postgres database integration is the original design pattern that drove the first decade of cloud development. It remains a key driver in helping developers scale from an emerging startup to a high-growth company to a massive enterprise on Heroku.
  • The Salesforce CRM data integration with Heroku Postgres is the next design pattern that enables developers to build highly-personalized apps and experiences. The bi-directional sync of Heroku Connect makes it possible to securely and seamlessly work with and enrich Salesforce CRM data in Heroku.
  • Finally, the Heroku Postgres via AWS PrivateLink integration is the emerging design pattern that unlocks an ecosystem of data resources. With Heroku Postgres via AWS PrivateLink, Heroku provides customers greater architectural choice for building data-centric applications.

Salesforce is an APN Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS DevOps Competency.

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Hummingbird from CDL

Hummingbird from CDL can complete complex searches from a range of sources and conduct real-time analytics and visualizations to enable businesses to derive meaningful value from their data.

In a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced each day, the ability to extract and harness relevant information in real-time is the key to creating modern digital customer experiences.

The solution’s analytics capability allows organizations to match information and spot behavioral patterns in high-volume data traffic in real-time, enabling you to transform the customer journey and price products more competitively.

CDL is an APN Select Technology Partner.

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NuDetect, NuDetect for ATO, Smart Interface EMV 3DS, and Trusted Device Using AWS PrivateLink from NuData Security

NuData Security helps enterprises (Fortune 10 to 200) protect consumers from fraudulent activity in real time, occurring from anywhere. As more clients use NuData services, the number of events processed is doubling year over year.

The company’s flagship product, NuDetect, combines the power of four integrated layers of security to verify users based on their inherent behavior. Used by major global brands, NuDetect prevents future fraud and protects online environments in real-time.

NuDetect uses the consumer’s inherent behaviors and advanced technologies to recognize patterns, such as how consumers type, how they browse, how they move their mouse, or how they interact with their device. The product detects evolving attacks and helps customers prevent billions of fraudulent events yearly.

NuData Security is an APN Advanced Technology Partner.

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Snowflake with AWS PrivateLink from Snowflake

Snowflake started with a clear vision: make modern data warehousing effective, affordable, and accessible to all data users. Snowflake enables the data-driven enterprise with instant elasticity, secure data sharing, and per-second pricing.

Because traditional on-premises and cloud solutions struggle at this, Snowflake developed a new product with a built-for-the-cloud architecture that combines the power of data warehousing, flexibility of big data platforms, and elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Snowflake Computing is an APN Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS Data & Analytics Competency.

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Vehicle Information Services (VIS) from CDL

CDL Vehicle Information Services (CDL VIS) is the leading UK provider of reg and DVLA vehicle lookup services. It is best known for the popular consumer service, which provides accurate reg lookup information of vehicle history for consumers and B2B customers via web and app services.

One in four cars have a hidden history. Vehicle checks (also known as car reg checks or vehicle check reports) can reveal details about a car’s background the seller may not know about, or that they do not want to tell you.

CDL VIS carries out over two million checks per day for B2B partners, including CompareTheMarket, GoCompare, Moneysupermarket, RAC Business, Swiftcover, Swinton and Tesco Bank.

CDL is an APN Select Technology Partner.

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See More from AWS PrivateLink Partners

AWS PrivateLink enables customers to simplify network architecture, lower costs, and accelerate migration to the AWS Cloud. It does so by enhancing the security and privacy of workloads by connecting VPCs to services offered by third-party companies via the AWS private network, allowing customers to avoid exposing their data to the public internet.

AWS PrivateLink integrations from APN Partners have been reviewed and validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects, ensuring they follow best practices and offer generally available support for the service.

To see more of our featured SaaS products, visit the AWS PrivateLink Partners page >>