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AWS Week in Review – August 17, 2015

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Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:

Monday, August 17
Tuesday, August 18
Wednesday, August 19
Thursday, August 20
Friday, August 21

New & Notable Open Source

  • jungle simplifies AWS command line operations.
  • Trycorder is a cross-account AWS data collector.
  • cep implements Complex Event Processing using DynamoDB Streams and Lambda.
  • glambda is a module for mocking and testing AWS API Gateway in conjunction with Lambda functions.
  • puppetlabs-aws is a Puppet module for managing AWS resources to build out infrastructure.
  • kinesis-tail is “tail -f” for Kinesis streams.
  • let-me-in adds an IP address to a Security Group to allow instance access via SSH.
  • connection-tracker tracks public endpoints and connections across AWS accounts using VPC Flow Logs.
  • aws-gpg13 is a collection of tests and CloudFormation templates to assess GPG13 compliance.
  • aws-sandbox defines an AWS sandbox infrastructure with
  • eclair is a simple SSH tool for EC2.
  • dnachat is a lightweight chat server that runs on EC2 and uses ElastiCache for Redis.

New Customer Stories

  • BQool – Review and feedback management for Amazon sellers.
  • GULP – Human resources portal.
  • ITV – Test and production environments for UK commercial television.
  • Kit Check – IoT-driven medication tracking for hospitals.
  • Makewaves – Social badging platform.
  • Myriad Group – New social networking system + legacy system migration.
  • SIGMA SPORT – SaaS for athletic training data.
  • ThinPrint – Global printing platform.
  • Tullius Walden – Cloud-based German bank.

New YouTube Videos

New SlideShare Content

New Marketplace Applications

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at the AWS Loft (San Francisco)

Upcoming Events at the AWS Loft (New York)

Help Wanted

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