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Two New AWS Getting Started Guides

We’ve put together a pair of new Getting Started Guides for Linux and Microsoft Windows. Both guides will show you how to use EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and CloudWatch to host a web application. The Linux version of the guide (HTML, PDF) is built around the popular Drupal content management system. The Windows […]

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New IAM Features: Password Management and Access to Account Activity and Usage Reports Pages

We are excited to announce that we have added several new AWS Identity Access and Management (IAM) features aimed at providing you more flexibility and control when managing your IAM users. With todays launch you can now: Grant your IAM users access to the Account Activity page and Usage Reports page on the AWS website. […]

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New Elastic MapReduce Features: Metrics, Updates, VPC, and Cluster Compute Support (Guest Post)

Today’s guest blogger is Adam Gray. Adam is a Product Manager on the Elastic MapReduce Team. — Jeff; Were always excited when we can bring features to our customers that make it easier for them to derive value from their dataso its been a fun month for the EMR team. Here is a sampling of […]

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New AWS Premium Support Features: Third-Party Software Support and AWS Trusted Advisor

We have added two new benefits to the Gold and Platinum levels of AWS Premium Support. The following features are now in beta testing: We now offer third-party support for popular operating systems running on Amazon EC2. We also support a number of pieces of system software. The AWS Trusted Advisor monitors your use of […]

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Help Wanted – Manager and Senior Developers for new AWS Media Product

We are staffing up a brand-new AWS team to take advantage of some really interesting opportunities in the digital media space. This team is being launched from an existing product. This particular product has seen exponential growth in the size of its user base on an annualized (run rate) basis, along with 30x revenue growth […]

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