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Automate multi-account backup and disaster recovery with Druva and AWS Control Tower

Automate multi-account backup and disaster recovery with Druva and AWS Control Tower

With enterprises scaling up their AWS workloads across hundreds if not thousands of AWS accounts, customers have expressed the need to simplify data protection as they scale. Customers can use Druva to centrally manage, monitor, and secure backups across multi-account AWS environments and achieve an enhanced, organization-level view of data protection across their AWS services. […]

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Unified multi-account security and compliance with Sysdig Secure and AWS Control Tower

Managing security across multiple cloud accounts can be complicated and error-prone if you’re taking a manual, piecemeal approach. As you scale, misconfigurations and missed accounts and services can leave you exposed. Automation can help you maintain speed and agility for DevOps and security teams. To quickly onboard and manage security for multiple accounts in AWS, […]

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Securing your AWS Control Tower multi-account environment with Lacework

For enterprise organizations, managing security and governance across hundreds or thousands of accounts can be challenging. AWS Control Tower and Lacework make this task much easier and enable seamless multi-account cloud security. By using Lacework in your AWS Control Tower environment, you can automatically and consistently apply security best practices and monitoring to new accounts […]

Integrating Dropbox with AWS SSO for governed file sharing in an AWS Control Tower environment

Integrating Dropbox with AWS SSO for governed file sharing in an AWS Control Tower environment

The customers who operate in multi-account AWS environments often ask me for ways to simplify accessing critical business files and share content with their employees. While my customers share the content between business groups or external business partners, it is important to gain visibility and controls with minimum operational overhead. Dropbox, available in AWS Marketplace, […]

Liquibase removes database bottlenecks for faster, safer database releases

Liquibase removes database bottlenecks for faster, safer database releases

Application code changes often depend on database schema changes. Developers rely on database administrators (DBAs) to perform database code deployments. When the number of databases and releases is small, this solution works well. As organizations move to the cloud, the number of different databases increases, both in type and usage. Along with the increase in […]

Solution Illustration: The Local Amazon VPC is assigned the virtual subnet of, and the remote site is assigned The Aviatrix Gateway connects to the remote site with IPsec VPN and performs NAT. Thus, it maps the virtual subnets to the real subnets as packets move through the gateway

How to solve overlapping IP addresses using the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform

You have an awesome application running on AWS, and now your customers and partners want a private network connection to it. Great! Except for one problem: their site is using the same private IP address range as the one in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This will prevent any communication until you resolve […]

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Automate multi account identity governance in AWS using Ermetic and AWS Control Tower

Having a multi-account strategy is a best practice for achieving higher isolation of resources in AWS. It helps you to meet regulatory and compliance needs, track operational costs, and add an extra layer of security. AWS Control Tower uses AWS best practices to establish a well-architected, multi-account baseline across your AWS accounts. For more information […]

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Securing access and optimizing applications on AWS using Prosimo AXI

As you shift your workloads to AWS, you must ensure that access to them is seamless, secure, and optimized for your employees, remote workers, and contractors. When looking at workload access, you should consider the type of user, whether the access is from a managed or unmanaged device, and whether the location is well known […]

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Automating distribution of AWS Marketplace entitlements with AWS Private Marketplace and AWS Service Catalog

AWS Marketplace admins are responsible for managing AWS Marketplace approved products using AWS Private Marketplace and distributing entitlement to products using AWS License Manager. The challenge is managing AWS Marketplace products subscriptions and entitlements with minimal operational overhead as the number of participating AWS Organizations child accounts grow. In a multi-account AWS environment, AWS Marketplace […]

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Demonstrating least privilege with Sonrai Security and AWS Control Tower

During the cloud journey, some of my customers must create identity principals, such as roles or users. Engineers or services use these roles to perform their jobs in the cloud. To support this effort, Sonrai Security has developed an integration with AWS Control Tower. This integration enables you to see all of the security policies […]