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Scaling Writes on Amazon DynamoDB Tables with Global Secondary Indexes

Ian Meyers is a Solutions Architecture Senior Manager with AWS Amazon DynamoDB is a fast, flexible, and fully managed NoSQL database service that supports both document and key-value store models that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. In this post, we discuss a technique that can be used with DynamoDB to ensure virtually […]

Building and Maintaining an Amazon S3 Metadata Index without Servers

Mike Deck is a Solutions Architect with AWS Amazon S3 is a simple key-based object store whose scalability and low cost make it ideal for storing large datasets. Its design enables S3 to provide excellent performance for storing and retrieving objects based on a known key. Finding objects based on other attributes, however, requires doing […]

Presto-Amazon Kinesis Connector for Interactively Querying Streaming Data

This is a guest post by Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan, Member of Technical Staff at Qubole, and Xing Quan, Director of Product Management at Qubole. Qubole is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Amazon Kinesis is a scalable and fully managed service for streaming large, distributed data sets. As applications (particularly on mobile and wearable devices) start to […]

How Expedia Implemented Near Real-time Analysis of Interdependent Datasets

This is a guest post by Stephen Verstraete, a manager at Pariveda Solutions. Pariveda Solutions is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Common patterns exist for batch processing and real-time processing of Big Data. However, we haven’t seen patterns that allow us to process batches of dependent data in real-time. Expedia’s marketing group needed to analyze […]

Using AWS for Multi-instance, Multi-part Uploads

James Saull is a Principal Solutions Architect with AWS There are many advantages to using multi-part, multi-instance uploads for large files. First, the throughput is improved because you can upload parts in parallel. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) can store files up to 5TB, yet a single machine with a 1Gbps interface would take […]

Powering Gaming Applications with Amazon DynamoDB

Nate Wiger is Principal Gaming Solutions Architect for AWS. Dave Lang, Senior Product Manager for Amazon DynamoDB, also contributed to this article. Amazon DynamoDB is rapidly becoming the go-to database for many of the fastest-growing games in the world. Games like Fruit Ninja (from Halfbrick Studios) and Battle Camp (from PennyPop) have leveraged Amazon DynamoDB’s […]