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Topdanmark builds screen sharing tool using AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS)

This post was co-written with Pramod Amarnath Jingade, Senior Developer and Rasmus Thorup Windfeldt, Solution Manager at Topdanmark Topdanmark is one of Denmark’s largest insurance companies, established in 1899 and today offers a wide range of insurance products for both private individuals, business and agriculture. In this post, we will explore how Topdanmark used the […]

Automate moderation and sentiment analysis with Amazon Chime SDK messaging

Live event organizers need to communicate in large streaming events, live streamed product demonstrations, and keynote speeches at a conferences over multiple modalities including video and chat, but existing chat solutions often do not scale to support tens of thousands of participants. Amazon Chime SDK messaging is secure, persistent, and can scale up to 100k […]

Use channel flows to remove profanity and sensitive content from messages in Amazon Chime SDK messaging

Amazon Chime SDK messaging now supports channel flows which allow you to execute business logic on in-flight messages before they are delivered to members on a channel. In a previous post , we demonstrated a way of achieving moderation in a channel. This approach works for many use cases, but processing is done post-delivery of […]

Multi-Meeting Management with the Amazon Chime SDK

The paradigm shift in broader adoption of virtual events has been an exciting journey in technology. Schools, fitness studios, and non-profit groups are now able to host simultaneous classes with attendees joining from home. Event planners can host conference booths for speakers leading small group sessions all over the world. Yet, effectively managing multiple meetings […]

Event-Based Amazon Chime Webhooks using AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge

As complexity in projects and workloads increases, there is a constant need to automate manual tasks to save teams and customers time and resources. Customers have used this automation to set up reminders for deployments, on-call rotations, and maintenance. Amazon Chime is a communication service used by organizations to connect teams. Amazon Chime offers webhooks […]

Providing anonymity on customer service calls using Amazon Chime Proxy Phone Sessions

If you’re a company that provides customer service via phone where you engage a specialist for consultation with a customer, you are connecting two individuals for a limited amount of time. Unless you use masked phone numbers to connect those individuals, they may be required to share their personal phone numbers. We hear customers say […]