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AWS End User Computing

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Create an online software trial with Amazon AppStream 2.0

At re:Invent 2022, I am hosting EUC 305: Create an online software trial with Amazon AppStream 2.0. In this workshop, learn how independent software vendors (ISVs) use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver applications. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a secure, fully managed application and desktop streaming service that allows you to provide access to your applications […]

AWS End User Computing

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Streamlining log-on experience for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0

Customer experience is top of mind and one of our top priorities. Creating a good customer experience also means balancing user experience and maintaining a strong security posture. Maintaining a high security bar is especially important while managing a hybrid workforce. One key blocker to a great customer experience is having to sign on into […]

Automatically attach additional security groups to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces

Both Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces have a default security group to attach to new instances. In highly regulated and controlled environments, a single security group does not always meet security requirements of the organization. Centrally managed security policies require attaching multiple security groups that are controlled by the security or other team. In […]

Redirect an Okta SAML app to the Amazon AppStream 2.0 native client

Customers use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to stream applications and desktops to an HTML5-capable web browser. AppStream 2.0 through the web browser provides functionality for most users, including support for multiple monitors, touchscreen devices, file transfers, and webcams. Users can also access AppStream 2.0 with the native client for additional functionality such as peripheral devices or […]

Visualizing AppStream 2.0 session latency metrics using AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis Data Stream and Amazon OpenSearch Service

Authors: Peter Fergus (Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, ProdApps) & Mohamed Gamil (Cloud Support Engineer, Serverless) Customers require confirmation that end users meet network RTT requirements to ensure the best user experience when connecting to AppStream 2.0 sessions. Latency metrics are a useful means of confirming that the intermediate network is within the recommended latency thresholds […]

Enabling identity federation with Duo Single Sign-On and Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0 supports identity federation to AppStream 2.0 stacks through Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0). This blog provides guidance on how to configure Duo Single Sign-On as an identity provider for AppStream 2.0. If you don’t have an identity provider, you can use AWS Single Sign-On. Review the AppStream 2.0 administration guide […]

Configuring Windows Remote Assistance for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0

In this guide we look at how configuring Windows Remote Assistance for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 can expand the remote support options available for your AWS End User Computing (AWS EUC) infrastructure. This guide has been created to demonstrate how you can leverage the built-in Windows Remote Assistance tooling across your AWS EUC […]

Workshops for Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces updated

The End User Compute on AWS workshops have been updated. These workshops are hands-on labs to teach or introduce practical skills, techniques, or concepts to help you solve business problems. In getting started with Amazon AppStream 2.0, you learn how to deploy and stream desktop applications with Amazon AppStream 2.0. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a […]

Automatically create customized AppStream 2.0 Linux images

Customers often ask how they can streamline the management and maintenance of their Amazon AppStream 2.0 images and fleets. In a previous post, I walked you through automatically creating customized AppStream 2.0 images running Microsoft Windows. Late last year, Amazon AppStream 2.0 introduced support for Amazon Linux 2 based images and fleets. This brought the […]

Disaster Recovery considerations with Amazon AppStream 2.0

Introduction In this blog, we show you how you can architect your Amazon AppStream 2.0 environment for disaster recovery (DR). Part of architecting a resilient, highly available AppStream 2.0 solution is the consideration that failures do occur. These failures can be caused by natural disasters, technical failures, and human interactions resulting in a regional outage. […]