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Co-op UK Scales Grocery Ecommerce Pickup and Delivery with Bringg and Naveo Commerce

Consumers are increasingly moving between physical and digital stores. It’s now mission-critical for retailers to deliver a seamless, unified, omnichannel experience to customers. The UK is one of the world’s most advanced digital markets, with 15% ecommerce penetration in grocery alone. Wanting to gain a foothold with digital consumers, Co-op, a leading food convenience retailer with over 2,600 locations and 4.6 million members across the UK, identified the need to deliver exceptional end-to-end customer convenience, from ecommerce to final delivery.

By partnering with Bringg, the leading delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, and Naveo Commerce, creator of the award-winning online grocery platform Connected Commerce, Co-op was able to rapidly deploy, adapt, scale, and optimize grocery ecommerce across more than 1000 stores and provide two-hour home delivery service.

Bringg and Naveo Commerce’s integrated cloud technology solutions orchestrated end-to-end ecommerce pickup and delivery for Co-op. Bringg’s unified delivery and fulfillment cloud platform managed, automated, and measured multiple delivery models across internal fleets and Bringg’s Delivery Hub to meet consumer demand.

Naveo’s modular, microservices-enabled Connected Commerce SaaS platform enabled the management, measurement, and optimization of ecommerce retail in-store picking and setup for fulfillment, facilitating Co-op’s convenient one-hour delivery.

Working with Naveo, Co-op uses AWS compute, storage, and database services to power innovation. Co-op benefits from the flexible, scalable microservices-based architecture by using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon ElastiCache API, AWS Lambda, , and Amazon DynamoDB to provide an agile, secure, and scalable platform.

Over 12 months, the improvements to Co-op’s technology stack resulted in a more than 25x increase in store coverage. Co-op, which launched its online shop in 2019, took the number of stores offering online services from 32 to over 1000.

“We continue to look for new ways to innovate and expand access to our products, and with our stores located closer to our customers, Co-op is in a unique position to offer on-demand convenience. Our model ensures that our stores are at the heart of the operation to enable fast, easy, on-demand convenience,” said Chris Conway, Head of Ecommerce at Co-op.

Co-op also began the rollout of its zero-emission electric vehicles and has announced plans to replace its fleet of fossil fuel-powered home delivery vans by 2025.

Driven by end-to-end automation and optimization across ecommerce and delivery, the convenience retailer has consistently seen customer satisfaction ratings of more than 90%.

Moris Chemtov, CEO of Naveo Commerce, says, During such a challenging time for consumers and grocers alike, the Naveo Commerce team is proud to have leveraged end-to-end ecommerce solutions to compress three years of digital grocery transformation into just 12 months for the market-leading Co-op brand. Not only has our partnership with Bringg and Co-op allowed for faster and more accurate picking, smoother fulfillment, and efficient ecommerce, but it has also provided customers the convenience they need in a vastly disrupted landscape.”

Bringg and Naveo Commerce worked with Co-op as it rapidly scaled ecommerce across the UK, improving operational efficiencies and providing a seamless transition from ecommerce to retail operations, pickup, and delivery. Delivering a unified omnichannel experience has enhanced customer experiences, while its speed, agility, and close proximity to shoppers has undoubtedly become a key differentiator for the Co-op brand.

You can learn more about Co-op’s strategy for driving powerful customer experiences and its implementation of a connected commerce platform at NRF Retail Converge 2021 during our hosted session on June 24 at 12:30 pm (EST).

Check out our event page to explore all the other AWS activities at NRF Retail Converge 2021. We look forward to seeing you there!

NRF Retail Converge 2021 - Co-op UK's innovative digital commerce strategy

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Naveo Commerce is an international end-to-end eCommerce, OMS, and fulfillment technology company helping SMBs and enterprises across all retail segments to manage and grow their business online. The company was founded in 2020 following the merger of Digital Goodie and Maginus, unifying cloud-based headless commerce expertise, order management systems, and fulfillment solutions to establish one of the only companies globally to be able to offer entire end-to-end commerce support to retailers.