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How utility executives elevate the customer experience with Amazon Connect

Utility executives share common benchmark success metrics when reporting to stakeholders including customers, regulators, elected officials, and investors. Regulated investor-owned utilities focus on long-term metrics such regulated rates of return (ROR) and service reliability benchmarks such as Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI). Energy retail executives focus closely on customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and customer churn rates, which drive underlying margins.

To dive deeper on this topic, the AWS Power and Utilities team recently hosted a webinar featuring two AWS utility customers that have deployed Amazon Connect to improve customer and associate satisfaction. Adam Crapp, customer experience design director from Origin Energy in Australia, shared his utilities proof of value (POV) results. René Kulschewski, chief information officer from German retail energy company lekker Energie in Germany, relayed how Amazon Connect supports customer service associates working from home. Stream this webinar now on demand.

Increasingly, utility executives across regulated and competitive retail markets share a common focus on increasing CSAT scores. Regulated utility executives understand the positive correlation between higher CSAT scores and improved regulator treatment during periodic rate cases. Leading competitive energy retailers recognize that higher CSAT scores are directly related to lower customer churn rates.

In its 2019 utility customer satisfaction study, JD Power reported increases in CSAT scores across utility categories. However, the report highlighted a growing gap between utility CSAT leaders and followers: “The gap between the highest- and lowest-performing individual utility has increased to a 13-year high of 192 points.”

Leaders are widening this gap by creating frictionless, digital customer experiences that allow customers to self-serve, when, where, and how they chose, be it via web, mobile, text, or phone call. Additionally, retail utilities are now leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities to predict customer needs and personalize interactions. With AI/ML, retail utilities can present “next best offers” to grow new revenue from value-added services. These services can be tailored to individual consumer usage patterns, pricing plans, clean energy preferences, and site-specific reliability needs. The combination of natural language voice response systems, AI chat bots, and data-driven call routing can provide this while efficiently helping customers and increasing “one-and-done” rates.

Watch the recorded webinar replay to learn from lekker Energie and Origin Energy executives on how they are able to better engage and service customers with Amazon Connect.

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Joseph Beer

Joseph Beer

Joseph (Joe) Beer is the AWS Worldwide Technology Leader for the Power and Utilities vertical, responsible for guiding the development of reusable IT, OT, customer engagement, data, and asset management solution architectures on AWS. Joe advises customers and partners on how AWS cloud can enable their digital transformation strategies and help them achieve their business goals. Joe is an industry veteran with 30+ years of leadership experience in IT management, solution architecture and delivery, and consulting across multiple industries both domestically and internationally. Joe joined AWS from Puget Sound Energy, where has was the CTO/Chief Architect and was responsible for directing IT strategy, architecture, and design work for both traditional IT and “Operations” IT.

Ralph Kappelhoff

Ralph Kappelhoff

Ralph Kappelhoff is leading the Amazon Web Services Power and Utilities industry solutions definition and development. AWS is bringing cloud-based solutions consisting of internet of things (IoT), advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) artificial intelligence (AI), and Alexa Amazon’s digital assistant to a sector facing a transformational change. Ralph has over 20 years of international experience developing real-time mission-critical software products. Previously, he was the CTO of GE Grid Solutions and VP Engineering for Alstom developing market leading energy management systems used around the world.