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Transforming mHealth applications in Asia Pacific Japan using AWS Outposts

Healthcare organizations are seeking to leverage advanced technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud computing to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency. However, stringent data privacy regulations, data sovereignty considerations, and the need for low latency access to critical applications present challenges for adoption. Monitoring devices utilized in mobile health (mHealth) […]

Gaining insights while protecting data with Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration using AWS Clean Rooms

Gaining insights while protecting data with Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration using AWS Clean Rooms

The advertising and marketing landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift in how customer data is handled and used to gain insights. Third-party mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs) and third-party cookies, key signals marketers have relied upon to better understand their customers and campaign effectiveness, are rapidly being phased out. Meanwhile, new privacy regulations are prompting companies […]

Elevating cluster software development with QNX Hypervisor on AWS

Digital cockpit systems are the primary “vehicle to user” interface of a Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) which include digital instrument clusters that have sophisticated graphics needs as well as safety-critical requirements. For instance, vehicle state information, such as vehicle malfunction warnings, gear position, and advanced driver assistance state are among the features that must be available […]

Architecting Critical Payment Systems for Multi-Region Resiliency

Architecting Critical Payment Systems for Multi-Region Resiliency

A wide range of critical systems architected to run on AWS Cloud use active-active patterns for high availability (HA) across multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZs) and active-passive patterns for disaster recovery (DR) across multiple AWS Regions. Financial services customers choose to utilize the active-active approach across multiple Regions to achieve near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO). As network […]

Sustainable water management in the oil and gas industry feature card

Sustainable water management in the oil and gas industry: Harnessing the power of AI and data-driven solutions for efficient water use

Accenture’s Water Management Platform helps our clients in the oil and gas industry to optimize water use and reuse in their operations. The solution aims to assist engineers and operators in making better and more informed water-use decisions, with a focus on three main goals: reducing water sourcing, reducing water disposal, and increasing water reuse. […]

Flexible EDA licensing in AWS with Synopsys Cloud BYOC with FlexEDA

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools are critical for designing silicon chips. In the cloud, pay-per-use mechanisms are the norm, but this traditionally isn’t the case for EDA licensing which can limit organizations’ ability to scale EDA on AWS. Synopsys Cloud Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) with FlexEDA is a groundbreaking solution that addresses this need. […]

Can AI Reason Like a Clinician feature card

Can AI Reason Like a Clinician? An Exploration with Arterial Blood Gas Analyses

Using Generative AI to Interpret Arterial Blood Gas Results – Background The year 2023 was an exciting one for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Large language models (LLMs), also known as foundation models (FMs), have been fascinating, especially in medical applications. This project explores how LLMs like Anthropic Claude v2 can assist clinicians in interpreting […]

How contract manufacturers can increase efficiency with generative AI

Assembling complex products with speed and precision is critical, yet extremely challenging, for contract manufacturers. While these companies play an integral role in the manufacturing value chain across industries from electronics to healthcare, their assemblers face disconnected data and tight deadlines that lead to delays and costly errors. But what if assemblers could instantly access […]

Generative AI for Semiconductor Design and Verification

The emergence of generative AI presents tremendous opportunities for advancing technical and business processes in high tech and semiconductor industries. From optimizing complex system design processes to accelerating time-to-market for new products, generative AI has unlimited potential to improve engineering and manufacturing methodologies and processes. Generative design methodologies powered by AI can automatically design chips […]

How Oxy uses SensorUp Gas Emission Management Solution for informed decision-making and strategic operations

How Oxy uses SensorUp Gas Emission Management Solution for informed decision-making and strategic operations

Multifaceted challenges in emission management Managing methane emissions has become increasingly important in the dynamic oil and gas sector. Operators are embracing the opportunity to meet rising emission monitoring requirements, using the wealth of data from screening sensors, addressing emissions fees, and enhancing their reputation by proactively managing super emitter identification. These opportunities are supported […]