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AWS AI Blog Month in Review: April 2017

Another month of AI solutions on the AWS AI Blog. Take a look at the summaries below and learn, comment and share. Thank you for reading!


AI Tech Talk: An Overview of AI on the AWS Platform
AWS offers a family of intelligent services that provide cloud-native machine learning and deep learning technologies to address your different use cases and needs. Whether you’re just getting started with AI or you’re a deep learning expert, this session provides a meaningful overview of the managed AI services, the AI Platform offerings, and the AI Frameworks you can run on the AWS Cloud. 

Deep Learning AMI for Ubuntu v1.3_Apr2017 Now Supports Caffe2
In this post, we announce that the AWS Deep Learning AMI for Ubuntu now supports the newly launched Caffe2 project led by Facebook. AWS is the best and most open place for developers to run deep learning, and the addition of Caffe2 adds yet another choice.  

Running BigDL, Deep Learning for Apache Spark, on AWS
BigDL is a distributed deep learning framework for Apache Spark that was developed by Intel and contributed to the open source community for the purposes of uniting big data processing and deep learning. In this post, learn how you can use familiar tools, such as Spark, and BigDL v0.1.0, to easily build deep learning applications in a distributed fashion on AWS.

Amazon and Facebook Collaborate to Optimize Caffe2 for the AWS Cloud
From Apache MXNet to Torch, there is no shortage of frameworks for deep learners to leverage. The various offerings each excel at different aspects of the deep learning pipeline and each meets different developer needs. AWS provides an open environment for developers to conduct deep learning. As we announced on April 18th, we are excited to further increase developer choice by offering support for Facebook’s newly launched Caffe2 project in the Ubuntu version of the AWS Deep Learning AMI (and coming soon in the Amazon Linux version, too).

AI Tech Talk: How to Get the Most Out of Amazon Polly, a Text-to-Speech Service
Although there are many ways to optimize the speech generated by Amazon Polly‘s text-to-speech voices, new customers may find it challenging to quickly learn how to apply the most effective enhancements in each situation. The objective of this webinar is to educate customers about all of the ways in which they can modify the speech output, and to learn some insider tips to help them get the most out of the Polly service. This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the available tools and techniques available for modifying Polly speech output, including SSML tags, lexicons, and punctuation. The post has been updated with a link to the video archive for this presentation.

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