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Power recommendation and search using an IMDb knowledge graph – Part 1

The IMDb and Box Office Mojo Movies/TV/OTT licensable data package provides a wide range of entertainment metadata, including over 1 billion user ratings; credits for more than 11 million cast and crew members; 9 million movie, TV, and entertainment titles; and global box office reporting data from more than 60 countries. Many AWS media and […]

Use contextual information and third party data to improve your recommendations

Have you noticed that your shopping preferences are influenced by the weather? For example, on hot days would you rather drink a lemonade vs. a hot coffee? Customers from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries wanted to better understand how weather conditions like temperature and rain can be used to provide better purchase suggestions to […]

Building machine learning workflows with AWS Data Exchange and Amazon SageMaker

Thanks to cloud services such as Amazon SageMaker and AWS Data Exchange, machine learning (ML) is now easier than ever. This post explains how to build a model that predicts restaurant grades of NYC restaurants using AWS Data Exchange and Amazon SageMaker. We use a dataset of 23,372 restaurant inspection grades and scores from AWS […]