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Amazon SageMaker price reductions: Up to 18% lower prices on ml.p3 and ml.p2 instances

Effective October 1st, 2020, we’re reducing the prices for ml.p3 and ml.p2 instances in Amazon SageMaker by up to 18% so you can maximize your machine learning (ML) budgets and innovate with deep learning using these accelerated compute instances. The new price reductions apply to ml.p3 and ml.p2 instances of all sizes for Amazon SageMaker […]

Achieving 1.85x higher performance for deep learning based object detection with an AWS Neuron compiled YOLOv4 model on AWS Inferentia

In this post, we show you how to deploy a TensorFlow based YOLOv4 model, using Keras optimized for inference on AWS Inferentia based Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances. You will set up a benchmarking environment to evaluate throughput and precision, comparing Inf1 with comparable Amazon EC2 G4 GPU-based instances. Deploying YOLOv4 on AWS Inferentia provides the […]

Collaborating with AI to create Bach-like compositions in AWS DeepComposer

AWS DeepComposer provides a creative and hands-on experience for learning generative AI and machine learning (ML). We recently launched the Edit melody feature, which allows you to add, remove, or edit specific notes, giving you full control of the pitch, length, and timing for each note. In this post, you can learn to use the […]

Evaluating an automatic speech recognition service

Over the past few years, many automatic speech recognition (ASR) services have entered the market, offering a variety of different features. When deciding whether to use a service, you may want to evaluate its performance and compare it to another service. This evaluation process often analyzes a service along multiple vectors such as feature coverage, […]

Simplify data management with new APIs in Amazon Personalize

This blog post was last reviewed or updated April, 2022 with database schema updates. Amazon Personalize now makes it easier to manage your growing item and user catalogs with new APIs to incrementally add items and users in your datasets to create personalized recommendations. With the new putItems and putUsers APIs, you can simplify the […]

Announcing the winner of the AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters The Sounds of Science challenge

We’re excited to announce the top 10 compositions and the winner of the AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters The Sounds of Science challenge. AWS DeepComposer provides a creative and hands-on experience for learning generative AI and machine learning (ML). Chartbusters is a global monthly challenge where you can use AWS DeepComposer to create original compositions and compete […]

Join AWS and NVIDIA at GTC, October 5–9

Starting Monday, October 5, 2020, the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is offering online sessions for you to learn AWS best practices to accomplish your machine learning (ML), virtual workstations, high performance computing (HPC), and internet of things (IoT) goals faster and more easily. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs […]

Building an end-to-end intelligent document processing solution using AWS

As organizations grow larger in size, so does the need for having better document processing. In industries such as healthcare, legal, insurance, and banking, the continuous influx of paper-based or PDF documents (like invoices, health charts, and insurance claims) have pushed businesses to consider evolving their document processing capabilities. In such scenarios, businesses and organizations […]

Creating a multi-department enterprise search using custom attributes in Amazon Kendra

An enterprise typically houses multiple departments such as engineering, finance, legal, and marketing, creating a growing number of documents and content that employees need to access. Creating a search experience that intuitively delivers the right information according to an employee’s role, and the department is critical to driving productivity and ensuring security. Amazon Kendra is a […]

Getting started with AWS DeepRacer community races

AWS DeepRacer allows you to get hands-on with machine learning (ML) through a fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, a 3D racing simulator on the AWS DeepRacer console, a global racing league, and hundreds of customer-initiated community races. With AWS DeepRacer community races, you can create your own race and invite […]