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Personalizing Videos: BeeLiked uses Amazon Polly to Launch the #DanBrownOrigin campaign, the World’s First Virtual Book Signing

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

Just as Dan Brown has captivated millions of readers through countless plot twists and turns, the launch of his new novel, Origin, will lead you along an inspired journey that guarantees to speak to you and draw you in. Literally.

The 2003 best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code invites you to participate in selecting the book cover design for a limited edition of his novel, to be released on October 3rd 2017. In return for casting your vote, you will receive a personalized video in which you will be greeted by name, and witness Dan Brown signing a copy of his new book, just for you.

The magic behind the #DanBrownOrigin experience is produced by BeeLiked, a self-service social pollination platform that is rewriting the script for launching engaging marketing campaigns. The secret behind the voice that greets each fan by name, in their very own personalized video, is Amazon Polly. To get further behind the scenes, and to learn more about how BeeLiked pulled off this amazing opportunity for millions of loyal fans to connect with Dan Brown, read the full blog post about the #DanBrownOrigin campaign.

And, while the polls are still open, don’t miss out on the opportunity to cast your own vote and experience the world’s first ever virtual book signing!

To learn more about what Amazon Polly can do for you, check out Amazon Polly’s homepage.