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Updated AWS Deep Learning AMIs with Apache MXNet 0.10 and TensorFlow 1.1 Now Available

You can now use Apache MXNet v0.10 and TensorFlow v1.1 with the AWS Deep Learning AMIs for Amazon Linux and Ubuntu. Apache MXNet announced version 0.10, available at, with significant improvements to documentation and tutorials including updated installation guides for running MXNet on various operating systems and environments, such as NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2. In addition, current tutorials have been augmented with definitions for basic concepts around foundational development components. API documentation is now more comprehensive, with accompanying samples. Python PIP install packages are now available for the v0.10 release, making it easy to install MXNet on Mac OSX or Linux CPU or GPU environments. These packages also include Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL) support for acceleration of math routines on Intel CPUs.

Visit the AWS Marketplace to get started with the AWS Deep Learning AMI v1.4_Jun2017 for Ubuntu and the AWS Deep Learning AMI v2.2_Jun2017 for Amazon Linux. The AWS Deep Learning AMIs are available in the following public AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland).