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E-book: Use the cloud to deliver great fan experiences

Technology has caught up to sports fans who want to connect 24/7 with their favorite teams. In September 2018 the NFL alone accounted for approximately 3% of all streaming plays and viewing hours in the US.

Fans today want to be able to follow their favorites from anywhere, on any device. Cloud technologies can help you streamline your workflows so that you can compete for this huge and growing audience.

This e-book explains how purpose-built media services and solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Elemental use the cloud to match the quality of a broadcast-grade live sports hardware infrastructure, while enhancing fan experiences and creating new customization and monetization opportunities.

Download the e-book to learn about:

  • The massive cloud opportunity to deliver live over-the-top (OTT) sports programming to global audiences
  • World-class technologies that deliver high availability, low latency, and superior quality for fans
  • A workflow that simplifies and automates streaming video production and distribution
  • Best practices for live streaming encoding and formatting

Get the e-book.