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Case Study: Qube Cinema distributes movies faster using digital file delivery on AWS

Qube Cinema, Inc is a provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology and solutions. The media and entrainment industry has shifted to day-and-date releases—wherein globally coordinated movie releases occur on the same day—requiring physical infrastructure in multiple countries and logistics coordination. Qube Cinema was able to reduce the delivery of hard drives down to two days, but still had to use shipping intermediaries and faced unpredictable schedules.

Using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), S3 Glacier, and S3 Glacier Deep Archive for storage, and Amazon CloudFront to transfer files electronically with advanced security capabilities, Qube Cinema built Qube Wire. Qube Wire is used to send movie files via electronic transfer from distributors to theaters in 133 countries. Read the full case study to learn how Qube Cinema was able to cut delivery time to as little as 12 hours, while saving 80% on the cost of storing and archiving films.

AWS has unmatched experience supporting the media supply chain from ingest, processing, creation, and distribution to and from the cloud—as well as more than 80 AWS Partners with dedicated tools for Media Supply Chain & Archive applications. Explore the AWS Media Supply Chain & Archive page to learn more.