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Uncompressed Media over IP on AWS: Read the whitepaper

Today, AWS is pleased to introduce the Uncompressed Media over IP on AWS whitepaper. As customers transition from Serial Digital Interface (SDI) to Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure for media workflows, they are taking advantage of new standards for transporting broadcast signals such as SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS. This shift to IP is not simple, so AWS specialists produced this whitepaper to help customers recognize the benefits of IP, understand its requirements, and feel confident before starting the transition.

What is covered in the whitepaper?
This whitepaper focuses on solutions to the most common challenges customers face as they transition to IP. The paper covers details of the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards and the associated benefits of shifting to IP for video distribution. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is covered as a foundational component of uncompressed video over IP, as well as NMOS, AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), and JPEG XS, which together help drive innovation in content production and video delivery on AWS.

Who should read the whitepaper?
Technical specialists who build and manage broadcasting and over-the-top media workflows will benefit from this paper. Customers who use AWS Elemental Live appliances for live video processing or have data centers with SDI infrastructure will learn how to migrate to IP and configure their software to use SMPTE ST 2110 for both uncompressed and lightly compressed video over IP using JPEG XS. Finally, anyone looking to generate and process live uncompressed IP video on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances will benefit from learning about AWS CDI.

What are the next steps?
You can download the whitepaper from the AWS Elemental Live resources page, or access it directly by clicking here. After reading the paper, if you have more questions, please follow up with your AWS account team. You can also review your IP migration plans with an AWS solutions architect or your technical account manager. Now go build on AWS.

Brian Bedard

Brian Bedard

Sr. Solutions Architect for AWS Elemental