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Centralized view of support cases opened from multiple AWS accounts using AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager Explorer is a customizable operations dashboard that reports information about your AWS resources. Explorer displays an aggregated view of operations data (OpsData) for your AWS accounts and AWS Regions. OpsData also includes information from supporting AWS services, such as AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Compute Optimizer, and AWS Support Center cases, among other […]

Create patched clones of your workloads in a multi-account set up using AWS Systems Manager Automation

Zainab Allawi, Associate Solutions Architect, WWPS Solutions Architecture For businesses of different sizes, patch testing has mostly been manual, and patching process errors or incompatibilities could risk disrupting production workloads. AWS Systems Manager Automation simplifies the common maintenance and deployment tasks of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and other AWS resources. It also […]

Visualize AWS Service Catalog Product Usage in an AWS Organization with Amazon QuickSight

  AWS Service Catalog is a widely used service that simplifies the management of tools, services, and resources in AWS accounts for organizations. This service empowers end users to provision products vetted by their organization in their environments with confidence in security and compliance. Portfolios are shared with AWS accounts in an AWS Organization, from which […]

How to centrally manage AWS IoT Greengrass devices using AWS Systems Manager

Remotely managing vast fleets of disparate systems and applications can be a challenging task for edge device administrators. AWS IoT Greengrass can help these system administrators manage their edge device application stack. However, system software on these devices must be updated and maintained separately via operational policies consistent with those of their larger IT organizations. […]

Establishing RPO and RTO Targets for Cloud Applications

Determining how to protect and recover an application can often be easier than determining how quickly your business needs that application recovered. Establishing the correct recovery objective targets at an application level is a critical part of business continuity planning, though. This blog is intended to help customers as they establish or reevaluate recovery targets, […]

Service Notice – Upcoming changes required for AWS Config

On July 5, 2022, the AWS managed policy AWSConfigRole will be deprecated. This policy is being replaced by a more scoped-down policy, AWS_ConfigRole. The AWSConfigRole managed policy will continue working for all currently attached users, groups, and roles. However, after July 5, 2022, the AWSConfigRole managed policy can’t be attached to any new users, groups, […]

How to automate AWS Support API with Amazon EventBridge

The practice of Operational Integration defines how one organization’s people, processes, and tools integrate with the people, processes, and tools of another organization. When certain activities occur within one organization, it may trigger an automated or manual response in another. For example, it’s common for AWS customers to operationally integrate with AWS Support or AWS Managed Services whenever […]

Figure 3 Flight Controller deployment using CFCTv2

Flight Controller by Contino – A Solution built on AWS Control Tower

Today AWS customers are rapidly adopting the cloud and at a massive scale. To support this demand, customers must build a strong foundation based on AWS well-architected best practices. A well-architected landing zone is a key construct that lets you vend accounts, provision access, setup security guardrails, and build CI/CD pipelines. However, at scale, implicit […]

How Capgemini used AWS Systems Manager and other AWS services to provide cloud-native, self-service patch management and automation

This post was written in collaboration with David Wansell, an Enterprise Cloud Architect at Capgemini with over 20 years of experience across multiple enterprise domains. He designs and builds automation and solutions that enable customers to deliver on their desired outcomes in their cloud adoption journey. Customers need a way to do patch management in […]

Automate vulnerability management and remediation in AWS using Amazon Inspector and AWS Systems Manager – Part 2

Update 11/2022 – In September 2022, Amazon Inspector added support for Windows operating systems for continual software vulnerability scanning. This post supports remediating vulnerabilities only on Linux operating systems supported by the Systems Manager agent. This post is the second part of the Automate vulnerability management and remediation series using Amazon Inspector and AWS Systems […]