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Ingest AWS Config data into Splunk with ease

AWS Config continuously monitors and records your AWS resource configurations and allows you to automate the evaluation of recorded configurations against configurations that you want. Today, many customers choose to use Splunk as their centralized monitoring system. In addition to displaying Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics in Splunk dashboards, you can use AWS Config data […]

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How to set up AWS OpsWorks Stacks auto healing notifications in Amazon CloudWatch Events

In this post, we describe how to set up Amazon CloudWatch Events so that you are notified when AWS OpsWorks Stacks auto healing triggers stop and start events on an Amazon EC2 instance. Recently, AWS OpsWorks Stacks announced support for CloudWatch Events. You can now send state changes in OpsWorks Stacks, such as instance stopped […]

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Automate remediation actions for Amazon EC2 notifications and beyond using EC2 Systems Manager Automation and AWS Health

You can use EC2 Systems Manager Automation to take remediation actions in response to events that may impact your AWS resources. To illustrate this concept, this post guides you through setting up automated remediation actions when an Amazon EBS backed Amazon EC2 instance is scheduled for retirement. An instance is scheduled to be retired when […]

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Manage your fleet at scale using EC2 Systems Manager

This guest post was written by Michael Baker, who works as a DevOps Engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering team at Bulletproof Introduction The Bulletproof Group Limited has spent many years investing in system automation to assist with fleet management at scale. More recently, we have spent a significant amount of time working with Amazon EC2 […]

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Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation is now a Amazon CloudWatch Events Target

Today we are excited to announce a new target for Amazon CloudWatch Events: Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation. Through this integration, Automation workflows can be triggered by a schedule, or when specific AWS system events occur. Automation is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.  Using Automation you can build workflows that are streamlined, repeatable and auditable. […]

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Organize Parameters by Hierarchy, Tags, or Amazon CloudWatch Events with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store

This post was written by Lusha Zhang, Software Development Engineer with Amazon Web Services. Parameter Store, part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, provides a centralized, encrypted store to manage your configuration data, whether plaintext data (database strings) or secrets (passwords, API keys for example). Because Parameter Store is available through the AWS CLI, APIs, and […]

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