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How to set up a multi-region, multi-account catalog of company standard AWS Service Catalog products

Many AWS customers are adopting AWS Service Catalog to create and manage catalogs of approved IT services for use on AWS. The AWS Service Catalog Hub-and-Spoke model enables organizations to centrally manage IT services they want to distribute to their lines of business (LOBs). Some of the customers I work with are looking for recommendations […]

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AWS Service Catalog Hub and Spoke Model: How to Automate the Deployment and Management of Service Catalog to Many Accounts

Many organizations may have tens to hundreds of accounts and thousands of users that require services in AWS. Enforcing organizational governance controls for deploying services requires time and resources to build the necessary guardrails, security controls, and auditing. Using the AWS Service Catalog hub and spoke model and launch constraints, I’ll show you how to […]

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AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise and an alternate implementation for policy based auto signing

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise was released in November of 2017. It has a secure API (associate node) that provides a secure, convenient, and AWS-integrated method to sign certificates for clients of OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. This secure API is ideal for use within a user data script when being used for AWS CloudFormation (which […]

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Recover your impaired instances using EC2Rescue and Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation

Have you ever had an issue connecting to your Amazon EC2 Windows instance? This can be caused by any number of different reasons, but is almost always related to how the instance is configured. Unfortunately, if you can’t connect to it, you can’t fix it! Earlier this year, AWS announced EC2Rescue for Windows, a convenient, […]

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Automate remediation actions for Amazon EC2 notifications and beyond using EC2 Systems Manager Automation and AWS Health

You can use EC2 Systems Manager Automation to take remediation actions in response to events that may impact your AWS resources. To illustrate this concept, this post guides you through setting up automated remediation actions when an Amazon EBS backed Amazon EC2 instance is scheduled for retirement. An instance is scheduled to be retired when […]

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Improving Security through Delegated Administration with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation

EC2 Systems Manager Automation simplifies common system maintenance and deployment tasks. You can create workflows to automate repetitive tasks such as systems configuration, deployment and maintenance. Workflows are authored in JSON and saved as Automation documents. Automation service operates in the context of the user that invokes the execution. Automation documents can be authored with […]

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