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Addressing the intersection of climate change and health with new Halcyon fellowship: Apply now

When many think of climate change, they often think of floods, fires, droughts, and ecosystem collapse. However, the impacts of climate change spread far beyond natural disasters. Climate change is also a significant factor in many health-related issues, from the increase of pest-related illness, to food scarcity, access to clean air and water, and beyond.

Recognizing the power the cloud has to amplify technologies that mitigate many of these issues, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is sponsoring a new fellowship with Halcyon, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit supporting impact-driven startups. Designed for entrepreneurs seeking to build climate resilience across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Halcyon Climate Resilience Intensive Fellowship aims to combat the compounding effects of climate change on poverty, food insecurity, health disparities, and displacement.

“The world is increasingly seeing evidence of climate change impacting the health and well-being of vulnerable communities around the world,” said Danielle Morris, health equity lead for AWS Global Social Impact. “This collaboration with Halcyon will help us apply the power of the cloud to amplify the work of innovative entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean to scale solutions addressing a wide array of climate related challenges.”

Supporting entrepreneurs with AWS Promotional Credit, technical expertise, and more

Qualified startups from Latin America and the Caribbean are invited to apply for this accelerator-style program designed to help selected organizations rapidly scale their solutions with resources from AWS, Halcyon, and beyond. Selected fellows will receive $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, technical support, a travel stipend, no-cost workshops on topics such as investment readiness training and preparing ventures for scale, pro bono legal assistance, monthly virtual meetings, and two weeklong in-person residencies that launch at the end of July.

“Entrepreneurs, when provided with the right tools and resources, can solve many of the world’s most pressing issues,” said Dan Barker, managing director of the Halcyon Incubator. “We look forward to helping the next wave of leaders utilize AWS and our community of experts to drive meaningful change for vulnerable populations.”

Since 2017, AWS has worked with Halcyon to support talented social entrepreneurs around the world through the Halcyon Incubator. AWS and Halcyon share a commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and diversifying startup ecosystems worldwide. Fellows participating in these programs receive mentorship and training from Halcyon’s network, and an introduction to the US market and potential investors. AWS provides cloud computing credits, technical support, training, and mentorship.

Expanding on AWS efforts in health equity

AWS is committed to helping organizations with creative solutions to complex health equity issues by providing the right technology to amplify their solutions. AWS’s efforts to promote better health outcomes includes the AWS Health Equity Initiative, a $40 million, three-year global commitment designed to support innovations in this space. By helping organizations adopt and scale cloud-based technologies, AWS customers deliver incredible, meaningful results and expand the reach of valuable health services to wider audiences. The 2022 cohort of the AWS Healthcare Accelerator also had an emphasis on health equity, focusing on helping startups harness the power of the cloud to make access to healthcare more equitable. Both the Health Equity Initiative and the Healthcare Accelerator are part of AWS for Health, an offering of AWS services and AWS Partner Network solutions designed to help organizations increase the pace of innovation, unlock the potential of health data, and develop more personalized approaches to therapeutic development and care.

Interested startups can apply for the Halcyon Climate Resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean through April 28. Apply now.

Learn more about program features and eligibility requirements at the Halcyon Climate Resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Intensive Fellowship main page.

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