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AWS Field Trips Expand to Global AWS Summits with AWS Educate

As part of our commitment to making science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers accessible to students, we host AWS Field Trips to engage young students with cloud technology. Three years ago, the AWS Field Trip program started at AWS re:Invent to inspire and engage middle school students to pursue STEM education and careers by exposing them to fun, hands-on engagements with technology. Since then, the program has scaled to Madrid, Spain, and Ottawa, Canada, reaching middle school students globally. This year, AWS Field Trips are expanding to several 2019 AWS Summits globally, reaching more students and providing a pathway for continued learning through AWS Educate.

Hands-on activities with Alexa

AWS Field Trips introduce students to the cloud with interactive activities that integrate several AWS services. Students dive into artificial intelligence (AI) with Amazon Alexa and learn how it functions in the cloud. Students will turn knowledge into practice by creating their own Chabot using Amazon Lex and Amazon Translate, enabling them to experiment with conversational artificial intelligence. They will also be exposed to Amazon Rekognition to recognize common objects and celebrities as part of a scavenger hunt in the Summit Expo Hall where they travel booth-to-booth learning about AWS services and the Amazon Partner Network (APN).

All of these activities will be accessible with an AWS Educate account, which will enable students to continue learning and building beyond the AWS Field Trip. As part of the field trip, students will also be introduced to inspirational technology experts, who will talk with the students about the cloud and continued learning.

Cloud expertise starts with hands-on learning and AWS Field Trips are a way to expose students to technology in a fun and engaging environment. And teachers can keep the learning going by turning their classrooms into dynamic learning labs with AWS Educate.