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Building business resiliency, upskilling, and ML in sports: What you missed last month on the AWS Public Sector Blog

Last month, the AWS Public Sector Blog covered building business resiliency, upskilling the next generation of cloud talent, machine learning in college sports, and more. Check out the latest episode of The Brief to learn more about business resiliency, and check out the other top stories below.

Stories featured in the The Brief include, “Addressing emergencies and disruptions to create business continuity,” “Modernizing remote work and learning with Amazon AppStream 2.0,” “Five best practices for resiliency planning using AWS,” and “Understanding disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS): How FSU achieved a modern solution for an inevitable threat.”

Delivering modern, accessible virtual healthcare solutions with the cloud

Delivering modern, accessible virtual healthcare solutions, such as telemedicine, with the cloud is a rapidly expanding area of healthcare in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CNBC. Telehealth solutions make virtual, real-time interactions between patient and provider possible. These solutions can be beneficial for both patients and care providers, letting patients receive care without having to step into a doctor’s office—a key feature that has benefits for those in hard-to-reach or rural areas and patients with mobility issues. Additionally, these solutions can help reduce physical traffic in hospitals, which is imperative during the pandemic. Customers around the globe share how building on AWS helps them scale, innovate, and operate at scale to improve the patient and care provider experience. Read this story.

Using the cloud to improve access to social housing, rental assistance, and other social services

Demand for housing continues to increase, with demand outweighing supply. Nonprofits, including social housing organizations, work towards the mission of providing access to safe and affordable housing, rental assistance, and social services to low-income individuals and families in need. These organizations also play a critical role in supporting the elderly and vulnerable. And with homelessness projected to increase by 40-45 percent this year in the United States, these services are more in demand than ever. The cloud can help nonprofits that serve those in need while also driving innovation, saving costs, and speeding delivery of services. Learn how these AWS customers and partners are modernizing the way that mission-driven organizations provide housing assistance. Read this story.

Using a data-driven approach and machine learning to coach at the collegiate level

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) believes that technology is a powerful tool for driving results and innovation on campus. Their chief information officer, Mark Henderson, developed a task force—called the Data and Technology Innovation Lab—to identify department challenges and task individuals to build innovative solutions using technology. One area where UIUC identified an opportunity was sports analytics using machine learning (ML). Read this story.

The Water Institute of the Gulf runs compute-heavy storm surge and wave simulations on AWS

The Water Institute of the Gulf runs its storm surge and wave analysis models on AWS—a task that sometimes requires large bursts of compute power. These models are critical in forecasting hurricane storm surge event (like Hurricane Laura in August 2020), evaluating flood risk for Louisiana and other coastal states, helping governments prepare for future conditions, and managing the coast proactively. Unfortunately, all of this can be exacerbated by the land loss problems plaguing Louisiana. The United States Geological Survey calculates that the state loses the equivalent of one football field of land every 100 minutes. Read this story.

Upskilling the next generation of cloud talent

As the U.S. begins to rebound from the health and economic disruption, experts predict that the technology sector will help lead the way to job growth and economic recovery. The challenge is how and where to source the talent needed to fill in-demand jobs. As more companies embrace migration to the cloud, finding professionals with the specialized skills and expertise will be critical to business success. NPower is a national nonprofit with a mission to provide career opportunities and training to underserved populations including young adults, minorities, women, and veterans. AWS provides NPower funding, curriculum support, student networking opportunities, access to the management console, and most recently, apprenticeship and hiring opportunities. Read this story.

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