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Developing a diverse and inclusive cloud-ready UK workforce

How is the current global skills gap impacting governments, educational institutions and nonprofits in the UK? How are UK-based organizations overcoming this skills gap to build a diverse and inclusive workforce? What more can be done?

On May 8, at the Public Sector Plenary Session at the AWS London Summit, we hosted a panel conversation with three UK-based experts moderated by Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to strive to find answers to these pressing questions. The panelists included:

  • Amanda Broderick, Vice Chancellor & President, University of East London
  • Tiffany Hall, CIO, Cancer Research UK
  • Dave Perry, CTO, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

All three of the panelists are pioneering new solutions today that will help the next generation of technologists succeed and expand opportunities to all.

This panel was a part of the large Public Sector Plenary Session on pioneering innovation, skills, and diversity in the UK workforce. If you are interested in more diversity and inclusion content, join us for the We Power Tech sessions at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, DC.

Our customers are using AWS to drive innovation in government, education, nonprofits, and healthcare.

For example, Coventry University also took to the keynote stage to share how they are working with AWS to understand the data around their student population and open the door to personalized teaching and learning. Through the use of AWS, UK National Health Service (NHS) shared how they are redesigning the patient experience and allowing medical providers to reduce time spent on administration, and more time spent on healthy outcomes. The UK Ministry of Justice shared how by moving to the AWS Cloud, they can use technology to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of the services they provide to British citizens.

The United Kingdom is forging ahead with some of the world’s most exciting new thinking across government, education, healthcare, and nonprofits – supported by the AWS Cloud. Learn more about public sector innovation in the UK here.