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Launching the AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative for AWS Public Sector Partners

AI and ML Rapid Adoption Initiative

October 2023: This program has been deprecated. Please contact us to learn more about how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can support your needs directly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies including machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) can transform the way government agencies operate and enable them to provide improved citizen services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Partners have been working with AWS to accelerate solutions development using AI and related technologies for our public sector customers. To further assist partners in the acceleration of AI and ML, AWS is launching a new partner initiative: the AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative.

Existing United States-based APN Partners that are also Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program Partners, and need assistance with a defined use case or who are pursuing a qualified opportunity with an agency can apply to take advantage of this initiative. Participants get a direct, scalable, and automated mechanism to work with AWS AI and ML experts for assistance in delivering AI-based solutions and products. At this time, only APN Public Sector Partners are eligible for this initiative.

This initiative was created in response to the White House’s American AI Initiative, which directs federal agencies to increase efforts to advance AI to protect and improve the security and economy of the United States. The initiative aims to help partners as they serve government agencies to provide better services to residents of the United States.

How does the AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative work?

The goal of the AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative is to help both Technology and Consulting Partners accelerate their AI and ML solution development by providing access to AWS AI and ML experts. Participants are provided technical assistance in three phases:

  1. Envisioning Phase: In a one day “Envisioning Session,” partners learn about AWS AI and ML services, and AWS learns about partners’ goals and needs and facilitates a brainstorm to create a roadmap to competency and adoption. In a brainstorming session, AWS engages with partners to recommend the right AWS AI and ML services, iterates on this, and finalizes a plan including a roadmap, project goals, and timeline.
  2. Enablement Phase: Education continues to enable partners to implement the design proposed in the Envisioning Phase. Technical deep dive sessions and use case-based workshops are delivered to partners virtually or in person. These sessions will be delivered over two to three days.
  3. Build Phase: Partners begin to build their solution with technical support and guidance from the AWS team helping them to complete a proof of concept. At this phase, qualified partners may be eligible for AWS Promotional Credit to help offset the costs of training and development.

APN Public Sector Partners that meet the criteria can apply today to take advantage of AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative. To apply, please visit the AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance webpage.

And check out AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance For Public Sector Partners Frequently Asked Questions.