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SM Educamos uses Alexa to improve school communication with K12 families across Spain

SM Educamos Alexa skill

This week, at the Simo Education trade show in Madrid, Spain, SM Educamos, an educational network learning platform, announced the launch of its new Alexa skill SM Educamos. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the skill is available free of charge to SM Educamos’s one million current users and in more than 1,200 educational centers.

The SM Educamos Alexa skill helps families stay connected to their children’s education by encouraging communication and integrated participation from home to school. Through the skill, parents can access their child’s school schedules and events. The skill aims to makes it simple for parents to stay involved in their child’s day-to-day education by asking questions such as, “Alexa, what classes does Martina have today?” and “Alexa, what day is Martina’s math exam?”

In the future, the skill will also allow users to receive proactive notifications and reminders. For example, parents can opt to receive notifications like, “Gabriel has a new grade from his Geography exam last week. Would you like to check it?” and “Gabriel has gym class today. Remember to pack accordingly.”

Victoria Ostolaza Alfaro, director of product at SM Educamos says, “Our Alexa skill will help families stay in touch with what is happening in their children’s lives in a simple and timely way. Ideally, as a family integrates our Alexa skill into their home, they are better able to know about and support their children’s development at school. To succeed, children should have support in the classroom and at home. Our goal with this Alexa skill is to bridge this divide, giving parents quick ways to tap into what’s happening at school.”

The Alexa skill is just one part of SM’s commitment to improve the classroom experience by integrating modern, digital tools for students and teachers. SM Educamos is an educational network learning platform that aims to provides services and tools to help modernize schools. With its 80 years of educational experience, SM Educamos helps institutions, managers, and teachers identify their needs and find and use the tools necessary to transform. SM Educamos is an open, customizable, flexible network learning platform that works to connect teachers, students, and families with solutions, content, and services.

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