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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "The HALO Trust is working with AWS to clear mines faster and save lives in the world’s conflict zones"

The HALO Trust is working with AWS to clear mines faster and save lives in the world’s conflict zones

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is investing $4 million to support the work of the HALO Trust and trial the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with drone imagery to locate minefields and other explosive remnants of war in Ukraine. Innovating with AWS will enable HALO to make wider use of the high-resolution drone footage it collects, including testing machine learning (ML) models for identifying mines.

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Highlights from the 2024 AWS Summit Washington, DC keynote

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and inspiration dominated today’s AWS Summit Washington, DC keynote. But there was no shortage of newsworthy moments and key takeaways that extended beyond generative AI. Dave Levy, vice president of Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivered the keynote and was joined onstage by three guest speakers who helped him set the tone for the annual two-day event that brings the public sector cloud community together in the nation’s capital.

Innovating, investing, and improving: AWS Summit New Delhi and AWS Summit Singapore 2022 keynote recaps

At the AWS Summit New Delhi and AWS Summit Singapore, AWS leaders and customers shared stories of how they’re innovating rapidly, improving citizens’ lives, transforming their operations, and creating technology that can scale for social good. Read on for some of the highlights at these Summit keynotes.

Powering digital transformation in Canada: AWS Summit Ottawa keynote recap

For the first time in three years, public and commercial sector customers gathered at the Shaw Centre for the AWS Summit Ottawa. During the keynote, Sean Roche, director of national security at AWS, shared stories of innovation in the public sector, celebrated pioneers driving change, and provided an outlook on opportunities ahead. Plus, two Canadian public sector customers took to the stage to share their stories about how they are leveraging AWS to accelerate innovation, improve citizens’ lives, transform their operations, and drive their missions forward at scale. Read on for the highlights from the AWS Summit Ottawa keynote.

Accelerating innovation in Australia and New Zealand: AWS Summit Canberra keynote recap

On Wednesday, August 31, Max Peterson, vice president of worldwide public sector at AWS, delivered the keynote address at the AWS Summit Canberra. Max shared regional announcements and local stories of how public sector customers are using the cloud to transform citizen services, innovate in healthcare, improve sustainability, and more. Two customer speakers joined the stage to share how AWS helps their organizations support their mission success and reimagine what’s possible. What’d you miss at the AWS Summit Canberra keynote?

Have you registered for the AWS Public Sector Summit in DC?

The AWS Public Sector Summit Washington, DC, is a chance to get inspired, dive deep, and begin to build. Register today. Join the innovators who are building the future with secure, AI-ready cloud services. Connect with colleagues and peers, see what digital transformation looks like, and discover how cloud-based skills empower the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Our 2018 AWS Public Sector Summit Series Has Arrived!

Spring is around the corner, and that means AWS Summits have arrived! Our global Summits bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Catch these events in major cities around the world, where you can join technologists from government, education, and nonprofits who want to discover how AWS can help them innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.