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Operationalizing cloud adoption with the AWS Cloud Maturity Assessment

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Maturity Assessment (CMA) uses the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) to assess the maturity of your cloud adoption, and provide prescriptive guidance on prioritized next steps. By replacing guesswork with data-driven analysis, you will get a blueprint to prioritize, build, and mature your cloud capabilities. Read this post to learn more.

Creating composable applications for seamless government services

Creating composable applications for seamless government services

Successful digital transformation depends on being able to work across silos, which are a common feature of central and regional government agencies. Composability is a system design principle that describes how to create collaboration and interoperable processes to navigate silos. Composability is a useful tool for governments working to advance their digital transformation. In this blog post, learn some examples of composability in government services and best practices for creating composable services.

Whole-of-state cybersecurity: How to implement and build a sustainable program

Whole-of-state cybersecurity: How to implement and build a sustainable program

With new funding opportunities available, now is the time for state and local government agencies to act quickly and think strategically about their approach to building a resilient whole-of-state (WOS) cybersecurity strategy. Some trailblazing states have had measures of success in establishing a WOS footprint by thinking strategically about short and long-term outcomes to support secure digital transformations and protect constituent data and services. Learn some best practices that organizations can consider in their WOS cybersecurity approach.

Developing a modern data-driven strategy in the public sector

Developing a modern data-driven strategy in the public sector

Public sector organizations across the globe want to harness the power of data to make better decisions by putting data at the center of every decision-making process. Data-driven decisions lead to more effective responses to unexpected events. For government organizations, a more detailed understanding of citizen ambitions and requirements creates a better citizen experience.

What is a cloud center of excellence and why should your organization create one?

As more federal public sector organizations move toward cloud computing, many are looking for ways to make sure that they’re using the cloud effectively and efficiently. One way to do this is to establish a cloud center of excellence (CCoE). Learn how to build an effective CCoE to help streamline cloud adoption, security and innovation needs, reduce costs, and more.

Enabling success for AWS ISV Partners in the public sector

AWS independent software vendor (ISV) Partners support the public sector in accelerating the adoption of new services without the investment of developing and maintaining their own applications, accelerating digital transformation and improving citizen outcomes. The AWS Partner team’s goal is to help our partners grow profitable businesses while accelerating digital transformation. There are two clear ways we support ISV Partners to achieve this: helping partners reduce their costs by spending less, and helping them sell more.

Investing in continuous learning to grow your organization’s future

Many organizations invest in infrastructure for future needs but may overlook needed technical training and cloud modernization skills for people within the organization. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) provides guidance outlined in six different perspectives for an organization’s cloud transformation journey. One of these perspectives, People perspective: culture and change, addresses how to develop capabilities for the growth of people within an organization. Learn how developing key capabilities within the People perspective of the AWS CAF can support long-term mission success.

4 steps to build a data strategy for managing performance in the public sector

In the public sector, civic leaders must make sure that a wide variety of citizen services are delivered efficiently, responsibly, and successfully. To identify high performing operations and support those in need of improvement, decision-makers need real-time data in formats that are simple to interpret and understand. In my 25 years of experience serving the public sector, I’ve found that there are four foundational considerations for implementing a comprehensive public sector data analytics and performance management strategy.

Helping governments and businesses pioneer sustainability initiatives: Top takeaways from the AWS Sustainability Conference

The AWS Sustainability Conference held in Dublin gathered public sector and commercial organisations to came together to better understand how the AWS Cloud can drive sustainability initiatives. The conference focused on the importance of sustainability in business strategy, and how organisations can leverage the power of technology to achieve their sustainability goals. Leaders at the AWS Sustainability Conference discussed key best practices to optimize for sustainability initiatives.

Building a profitable AWS public sector partner business

As I’ve built the UK&I public sector partner team, we have observed less and less customers wanting to solely use their internal resources for their digital transformation. They need guidance, support, services, and solutions from their partners. This creates an immense opportunity for AWS Partners to support public sector customers’ missions while building successful, profitable businesses. How can AWS Partners achieve this multiplier, while helping public sector customers achieve their mission-critical transformation? In my experience working with partners, six key areas of opportunity have emerged that AWS Partners can focus on.