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Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Shape the Country

Dcode42 and AWS join together – a guest blog by Meagan Metzger, Dcode42

Whether you know it or not, your life is impacted everyday by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In fact, if you asked Alexa about the weather or traffic while enjoying your morning cup of coffee, you leveraged AI. This voice recognition is part of the growing field of technology that is changing the lives of consumers and our interaction with technology.

The government is no exception. AI is also becoming involved in every aspect of how our country runs—national security, economics, healthcare, and other domains. AI affords our government and nation opportunities to increase efficiency, make more intelligent decisions, and provide better services to citizens. As is usually the case, the issue in the public sector is adoption. Will this new technology be adopted in time to create the same benefit that the private sector will see or will the public sector take a wait and see approach that will limit how quickly and widely this new technology can be used?

Over the past six months, team members of Dcode42, a government technology accelerator program, worked closely with government leadership and large industry players to understand their biggest challenges. It quickly became clear that AI may be a critical solution to many agency challenges, but it is still uncharted territory for many agencies. In order to speed this adoption, Dcode42 and AWS are joining forces to address this challenge and drive AI companies and technology into government to solve real problems.

Accelerating AI and Machine Learning Adoption in Government

Dcode42 provides emerging technology companies with everything they need to succeed in the federal market through our comprehensive accelerator programs. We recently announced our newest cohort that focuses on delivering the most promising AI and machine learning tools to the government. This time, we are teaming with AWS because of the incredible tools, resources, networks, and insights AWS, both as a technology service and as a company, provide.

By bringing together Dcode42 and AWS, we offer a powerful launching pad for technology companies of all sizes to succeed quickly. Companies accepted into this three-month program receive concentrated guidance and support on crucial aspects of entering the federal market, including:

  • Classes with renowned industry Subject Matter Experts on the inner workings of government – from marketing and sales to compliance, procurement, pricing and more;
  • Exclusive briefings with key government buyers and industry leaders;
  • Access to industry specialists and mentors for expert guidance and networking connections;
  • Exposure to an extensive partner network of large and small partners to increase revenue opportunities; and
  • Hands on strategic-planning and go-to-market support to maximize your resources.

Along with the robust programming that Dcode42 companies receive, this particular cohort will have the opportunity to work with AWS public sector teams to further speed their time to market. Companies leave the program with very tactical plans, close integration with AWS teams, and, in many cases, immediate opportunities for revenue.

Who Should Apply

The program has two tracks for companies of different sizes: the startups track, for companies with under $14M in revenue and/or funding, and the emerging growth track, for companies with $14-150M in revenue and/or funding. Our program is designed for two types of companies:

  • Those with some traction in the federal market, but who are still in earlier stages of developing their government practice. These companies may have a few contracts or a dedicated federal team with prior experience.
  • Companies completely new to the federal government looking to succeed more quickly who are not sure the best approach to take.

The deadline to apply for the upcoming cohort is April 3rd. Companies that wish to apply can visit or find more information at