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Text-to-Hologram: Unleashing Creativity with AWS Gen AI and Proto Hologram

In today’s digital landscape, where innovation is the driving force behind technological advancements, we find ourselves on the cusp of a paradigm shift. Imagine a world where creating captivating holographic content is as effortless as typing a thought. Thanks to our groundbreaking collaboration with the visionaries at Proto Hologram, this once-futuristic dream has become a […]

Visual Asset Management System 2.0 Release

AWS Spatial Computing is excited to announce the release of the Visual Asset Management System (VAMS) 2.0, a significant update to the open-source solution designed to streamline the way organizations manage spatial computing data. This release helps enterprises across various industries with the challenges posed by the increasing complexity and volume of 3D data, computer-aided […]

Empower Your WebXR App Using AWS Serverless Architecture

© Chand – What is WebXR? WebXR stands as a cutting-edge web standard designed to enable immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences directly within web browsers. This technology empowers developers to create and share interactive 3D environments online, offering users innovative and engaging ways to interact with digital content. Recent Developments […]

Modeling Spread of Infectious Disease Using Spatial Simulations on AWS

Spatial simulations compute the motion and behavior of dynamic entities across 2D and 3D virtual environments. These simulations allow users to explore how the behaviors of individual actors and interactions amongst a group of actors can lead to emergent spatial patterns. The authors of the blog see customers using spatial simulations for use cases such […]

A person in a virtual reality headset is interacting with a digital avatar.

How to Host Cross-Platform XR Experiences on AWS

As a Spatial Computing Prototyping Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), I need to quickly build prototypes and proofs of concept to validate customer use cases. Whether I am building cross-platform Extended Reality (XR) experiences for meetings, for industrial training, or for multiplayer gaming, I can quickly provision AWS cloud resources on-demand to suit my […]

Live Translations in the Metaverse

BUILD, DELIVER, MANAGE BLOG SERIES: DELIVER Imagine putting on your Virtual Reality (VR) headset and communicating with people from around the world, who natively speak French, Japanese and Thai, without a human translator. What if a fledgling start-up could now easily expand their product across borders and into new geographical markets by offering fluid, accurate, […]

Open-Source Launch: Visual Asset Management System Solution

BUILD, DELIVER, MANAGE BLOG SERIES: MANAGE Introduction: Today, we are excited to announce the open-source launch of Visual Asset Management System (VAMS) solution. VAMS enables organizations to store, transform, and view their 3D assets in the cloud. Customers can integrate with VAMS using any capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet the challenges posed […]