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Accelerating cloud outcomes through comprehensive skills enablement

It’s no secret that organizations around the globe are facing a shortage of talent with critical cloud skills, hampering their progress to achieve their cloud-adoption and digital-transformation ambitions. A survey from 451 Research shows that 85% of IT decision makers report shortages in cloud skills. There are simply not enough people with the knowledge, vision, […]

ICYMI: February new courses, stories, and resources from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates for February 2021. Dive in and explore more training content, stories, and resources. Skills Development National Australia Bank trains thousands in AWS Cloud Back in 2018, National Australia Bank (NAB) was one of the first organizations globally to embark on a comprehensive skills […]

AWS Skills Guild empowers National Australia Bank staff with cloud innovation

The AWS Skills Guild is a comprehensive enablement program that helps large enterprises with their transformational objectives—both technical and cultural—by building cloud fluency across the business, including at the executive level, driving collaboration and partnership with the technologists and accelerating AWS adoption. Back in 2018, National Australia Bank (NAB) was one of the first organizations […]

Make the most of AWS Training and Certification free offerings

***Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about the AWS Training and Certification Blog. Your feedback helps us continue create content you value.*** Sept 2022 Editor’s Note: Since this post was first published, we’ve expanded our free training offerings to include an expansion to AWS Educate training and resources, new Twitch shows, AWS […]

re:Invent 2020 – Cloud skills training for everyone

Maureen Lonergan, global leader of AWS Training and Certification, was one of a handful of AWS leaders who presented during the 2020 re:Invent Leadership Series. This post summarizes her talk. Whether you’re starting a new cloud career, upskilling your team, or transforming your entire workforce, our programs empower the diverse builders of today and tomorrow […]

3 ways cloud security skills free you to innovate with confidence 

While many organizations start their journey to the cloud with the primary goal of reducing IT costs, they quickly discover the advantages of faster innovation. The ability to provision resources quickly and run iterative experiments can help your organization bring products and services to market much faster. And if the experiment isn’t successful, you can […]

New Research: Enterprise Strategy Group report quantifies advantages for organizations with AWS Certified Staff

As more organizations are moving the cloud, they are finding their biggest challenge isn’t technical. It’s people and culture. They simply do not have enough people with the right cloud skills to achieve their goals. We developed AWS Certification seven years ago, starting with the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification, in order to help […]

Why training existing staff was critical to BP’s digital transformation

BP, a global oil and gas company operating in 79 countries, has 70,100 employees and saw revenues of $278 billion in 2019. The company finds and generates oil and gas; refines, manufactures, and markets it; and then delivers the energy through its 18,900 retail sites. BP is in the process of migrating two huge on-premises […]

6 steps to build cloud fluency in your organization

Cloud computing has introduced a significant shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed. It’s given organizations the ability to trade capital expense for variable expense, operate at massive economies of scale, make agile capacity decisions, increase organizational speed and agility, eliminate spend on data centers, and go global in minutes. No matter what […]

Continuous cloud learning sparks scalable business success

Savvy organizations are tapping into the power of the cloud to transform their businesses at a rapid pace, and they’re getting a lot in return: sustainable and scalable outcomes. Starting your cloud initiatives with a Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE) is key to building a successful training model that scales with your innovation initiatives. From there, […]