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ICYMI: February 2021 new courses, stories, and resources from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates for February 2021. Dive in and explore more training content, stories, and resources.

Skills Development

National Australia Bank trains thousands in AWS Cloud

Back in 2018, National Australia Bank (NAB) was one of the first organizations globally to embark on a comprehensive skills enablement project. Two and a half years later, NAB has trained more than 7,000 staff and supported more than 1,300 employees to become AWS Certified. Learn more about NAB’s cloud skills initiative from Matt Cobby, the NAB Cloud Guild leader.

Top posts of 2020

We kicked off the AWS Training and Certification Blog in March of 2020 with the purpose of sharing news and updates about AWS Training, AWS Certification, and our cloud skills education programs—for learners of all skill levels. We shared 100 articles in 2020 spotlighting new courses and programs, tips and tricks for advancing your skills and gaining certifications, perspectives on cloud training across all industries, and some of our success stories in driving digital transformation through cloud skills development. Check out our top blogs of 2020.

New AWS Training courses

New Digital Course: Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition

Are you an executive, program or project manager, buyer or procurement professional? Check out our new free foundational-level course, Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition, to start your learning journey to AWS through effective cloud-acquisition practices. You’ll also learn about pricing, security, data sovereignty and data residency, sustainability, terms and conditions, AWS Partners, and more. Learn more.

AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications

We are five episodes into the eight-week series, AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications, but it’s not too late to join. This weekly livestream on Twitch is designed for developers looking to enhance their AWS skills through a hands-on-learning approach. AWS experts teach you about building modern, cloud-native applications and guide you through the end-to-end build of a severless application in the AWS Cloud using the AWS Free Tier. Join us Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. PST on the AWS Twitch channel. Learn more.

New Digital Curriculum: Build Modern Apps with Purpose-Built Databases

Choosing the right database for the workload is one of the most important decisions developers can make to create performant and responsive cloud-based applications. We’ve launched six free course to help you explore the benefits, value, and process of using AWS’s purpose-built databases. These foundational- and intermediate-level courses are designed for data engineers, database developers, and solutions architects. Learn more.

New Digital Course and Optional Lab: Getting Started with DevOps on AWS

Are you an experienced on-premises DevOps engineer and want to expand your expertise to DevOps in the cloud? Or maybe you’re an aspiring cloud-native DevOps engineer? We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of the free digital course, Getting Started with DevOps on AWS. After completing the course, take a lab to use your new skills to create, configure, and control a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Learn more.

New Digital Curriculum: Managing Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Check out our free advanced level course, Managing Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), designed for cloud architects, storage architects, developers, and operations engineers. This course teaches you the tools monitor Amazon S3 activity, storage, and performance trends. After completing the course, take a lab to use your new skills to manage your Amazon S3 storage using event notifications and Amazon S3 batch operations. The course and lab are available for customers, AWS Partners, and Amazonians.

New Digital Courses for AWS Media Services

If you’re a company whose primary business is video streaming or if you’re exploring how video streaming can create new ways for you to reach customers, enhance services, or generate new opportunities, we’ve created three new, free resources to help you develop the skills you need: an updated AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Media Services and two on-demand training courses. Learn more.

New Digital Series: Sales Best Practices for AWS Partners

We’ve introduced a new digital training series called Solutions Training for Partners: Sales Best Practices to introduce sales professionals at AWS Partner organizations to cloud concepts and help support their business development. These 30-minute, fundamental courses also cover the AWS solutions that customers leverage most to innovate and transform their business, such as AWS analytics, opportunities with Windows on AWS, and modern application development. Learn more.

Updated Digital Courses for AWS Partners

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Machine Learning (ML) on AWS for ML Practitioners (Technical) is a six-hour, intermediate-level course that covers the technical fundamentals of the ML process, how to create and deploy an ML model at scale using Amazon SageMaker, and how to identify opportunities and engage customers in ML discussions. The course is available for AWS Partners and Amazonians.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Digital Workplace on AWS (Business) is a two-hour, intermediate-level course that introduces you to AWS End User Computing (EUC) solutions and how to identify opportunities to build and grow your EUC practice on AWS. The course is available for AWS Partners and Amazonians.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Digital Workplace on AWS (Technical) is a four-hour, intermediate-level course that provides an introduction to EUC services, including Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, and helps you learn how to respond to your customers’ rapidly changing EUC needs. The course is available for AWS Partners and Amazonians.


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