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Introducing the Video On Demand on AWS Foundation Solution

We received feedback from you that the existing Video on Demand on AWS solution has more features than required for some transcoding workflows. To solve this, we created a new solution called Video On Demand (VOD) on AWS Foundation that is now available in the AWS Solutions Library. With this new streamlined solution, you simply upload your videos, specify job settings, and the videos are encoded and you receive a job status notification. This solution still uses AWS Elemental MediaConvert, but has fewer moving parts than the full VOD solution.

By default, VOD on AWS Foundation creates two Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in your account: a source S3 bucket where video files are uploaded, and a destination S3 bucket where encoded outputs are written. The assets01 folder is automatically created in the source S3 bucket that contains a sample AWS Elemental MediaConvert job settings file called job-settings.json. This file is used as the settings for the MediaConvert job created when a video asset is uploaded to the folder, or any subfolders it contains.

If you want to change the encode settings, overwrite the job-settings.json by exporting a MediaConvert job with the settings you want. Keep in mind that the solution does not currently support assembling multiple input files.

If you want to use different encode settings for different video assets, simply create new folders in the source S3 bucket the solution created. Provide a job-settings.json file with the settings of your choice in each of the new folders. Videos uploaded to user-created folders use the job-settings.json file you provide as the MediaConvert job settings.

When should you use this solution?

  • If you’re new to MediaConvert and want a quick way to get going with the service.
  • If you have a collection of video assets that you want to batch encode to a variety of video output formats.
  • If you want to create more complicated custom video workflows and want a vetted solution as a foundation for your automation.

Deploy the solution by clicking here. Or clone the source code for the solution here.