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Access the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework Workshop Delivery Guide in the AWS Prescriptive Guidance Library

By Paul Fagan, Sr. Product Manager, Technical – AWS

AWS Support is excited to announce the availability of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) workshop delivery guide in the AWS Prescriptive Guidance (APG) library.

This comprehensive guide for AWS Partners includes step-by-step guidance to run your own AWS CAF workshops with customers. It’s the same guidance we provide internally to AWS staff, and we’re making it available to our validated partners via AWS Partner Central (login required).

The guide provides both sales and delivery kits, along with prescriptive guidance that is our gold standard for delivering AWS CAF workshops to help customers in their cloud transformation journey.

Why it Matters for AWS Partners

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework leverages AWS experience and best practices to help you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through innovative use of AWS. It identifies specific organizational capabilities that underpin successful cloud transformations.

AWS Partners are encouraged to think big, invent, and take ownership on customer challenges. Partners not only bring the best of AWS to our customers, they proactively help solve customer challenges through new ideas, tools, and mechanisms.

AWS Partners will translate strategic initiatives in the account plan into executable actions, working backwards from our customer’s key milestones. The AWS CAF Workshop mechanisms can help AWS Partners tackle the challenges.

Use the AWS CAF to identify and prioritize transformation opportunities, evaluate, and improve your cloud readiness, and to iteratively evolve your transformation roadmap.

The AWS CAF Workshops mechanisms offers partners the following advantages:

  • Great activity to “Know Your Customer” (KYC).
  • Brings both the customer’s non-IT and IT groups together for the exercise.
  • Provide customer with prescriptive guidance based on the AWS CAF workshops through key observations, technology roadmap, and recommended next steps.
  • Helps drive account planning with customers.
  • Identify additional proof-of-concept (POC) opportunities.
  • Make partners more self-sufficient in delivering the AWS value proposition, resulting in more partner-originated opportunities.

These capabilities empower AWS Partners to offer a higher level of support to their customers.

Getting Started

For additional AWS Cloud Adoption Framework training, contact your AWS Partner Development Manager (PDM). The AWS CAF workshop delivery guide is available via AWS Partner Central (login required).