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AWS Partners Join theCUBE to Discuss Cloud Benefits for Businesses Across the World

AWS re:Invent will return on January 12-14 with 200+ sessions for you to choose from. Be sure to check out our featured AWS Partner sessions where you can learn about customer stories powered by AWS Partners and 2021 resolutions to transform your business.

Throughout re:Invent, theCUBE has provided live and on-demand insights into many facets of a rapidly evolving cloud landscape that’s redefining how business and society works. Don’t miss theCUBE’s impactful and engaging discussions with AWS Partners and subject matter experts by visiting the AWS Partner playlist on YouTube.

In this post, we highlight several AWS Partner interviews with theCUBE from re:Invent.

Intel and AWS Create Seamless HPC On-Premises or in the Cloud (14:23)

Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager of the Technical Computing Initiative at Intel, discusses how high-performance computing (HPC) is changing the world.

HPC has traditionally been thought of as something that happens in government labs and supercomputers, and is not used widely. However, HPC is happening in businesses around the world in areas like energy exploration, manufacturing, drug discovery, and financial modeling.

Damkroger discusses how HPC is starting to be used in the cloud in more and more ways.


VMware and AWS Joint Engineering Speeds Up Cloud Transition (24:34)

Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer at VMware, and Matt Garman, Vice President of AWS Sales and Marketing, discuss the strength of the VMware and AWS partnership and how the companies are jointly engineering solutions to solve customers’ cloud computing needs.


Q&A: VMware and AWS Partnership ‘Has Never Been Stronger’ (27:45)

Mark Lohmeyer, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Services at VMware, and Dave Brown, Vice President of Amazon EC2, discuss the VMware and AWS partnership and the trends that businesses are demanding.

VMware Cloud on AWS was launched at VMworld 2017. Since then, the partnership between VMware and AWS has helped to bring the cloud model on-premises for businesses that have latency or local data processing constraints but still want automated infrastructure lifecycle management.


Accenture myNav Puts a Green Spin on Cloud Migration (14:09)

Kishore Durg, Sr. Managing Director and Cloud First Global Services Lead at Accenture, shares how they are achieving clients’ strategic business objectives when moving to cloud. Giving clients a map to a better cloud experience, Accenture’s myNav offers a sneak preview of the path and a solid view of the benefits of cloud.

Accenture is helping to build a sustainable Earth with the new Green Cloud Advisor module that makes moving to cloud an environmentally sustainable choice.


Capital One Closes All Data Centers, Relies on AWS Infrastructure (14:47)

Melanie Frank, Managing Vice President of Technology at Capital One, discusses the challenges and benefits of moving to the cloud, and shares advice for companies thinking about following this path.

“Our shift to cloud … was all about our ability to provide our customers with experiences that are real-time and intelligent that you just can’t do if you are running on outdated technology in a data center,” says Frank.


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